Dear Dayre,

I've officially run out of OOTD poses… Ermmm.. Seriously hahaha I'm not a model at all and my flattering angles are limited! This frontal stick straight pose is damn boring but it is unfortunately the most flattering for me -.-

Obviously I'm cheating again cos I'm updating for Sunday today when it's actually Monday past midnight already! Oopssssss.

Anyway, this was outfit for day 3 of CNY, and I wore red and florals! Super huat! Top from #thevelvetdolls and skirt from Zara!

Went visiting to 三姑姑's house, so here's a shot of us three sisters! We look pretty matchy all in red tones! Lina's wearing full TVD too! Hahaa. Good to have two sisters to share wardrobe with right? Unfortunately I'm the fattest -.- so I can't fit into most of their clothes meh

I have no idea why my aunt keeps on insisting that Lina is taller than me when we are quite obviously about the same height! Lina has broader shoulders and a narrower frame so she looks taller, but we are both about 163cm actually. Gina's the midget, taking after Mummy and about 157cm (or shorter lol)

And with my dear, who has been shuttling us to and fro from house to house which is really tiring! Just on Sunday alone, we visited three different houses and our road journey went like this:

YZ house > my house > his uncle's house > my aunt's house > my Laoshi's house > back to his house > back to my house

WTF that's six different destinations in one day. Mad! CNY visiting is obviously not for the weak.

@zuanqing conveniently used my phone to camwhore with Oreo, my second aunt's super cute doggie who's like part of the family too! Our entire extended family all love dogs! One aunt has three dogs and another aunt has one dog. Massive CNY dog meet every year 😂

I was so tired after the super long day of visiting! Cannot imagine doing this kind of 应酬 frequently. I'm not made to be such a social animal, honestly.

How I looked like when I finally got back home late at night.

Now CNY is unofficially over (since most people are back to work!) so I suppose that's a huge sigh of relief!

It is also very nerve-wracking to think of festive outfits too really. My sisters and I spent at least thirty minutes a day discussing our outfit and changing in and out of various options on the first three days of CNY! 😂 Anyone feels our pain?

Secretly happy that the three days of CNY visiting is over! I need a rest from CNY! Lol. The irony!

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