Dear Dayre,

Decided to do our workout in the morning instead of at night, cos I have a family dinner late tonight and it's gonna be too late to workout after the food has digested πŸ˜…

Lucky today's workout is Cardio Recovery, so it's only thirty minutes and slightly less shiong 😨 But it was still quite difficult to get through all the different exercises especially the held squats and lunges. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ It feels good to get the body all stretched out though! Supposed to help the muscles recover from all the hard work!

Sorry I've been so boring and keep on updating about the daily workouts and stuff, it serves to motivate me to carry on working out! 😬😬😬

Insanity Workout by Shaun T

So some people are very curious about Insanity Workout and what it's all about!

It's actually a series of workout videos put on DVD: promised to be the hardest workout you've ever done and guaranteed to give you results if you stick with it for the full 60 days of the programme!

Each day's workout is usually about 40 minutes long, and there is a good mix of exercises like cardio, resistance, endurance and flexibility training.

It's also called "Max Interval Training" cos you're supposed to work yourself to the max, with short periods of breaks, to help push your limits to get your body into the best shape within the shortest period of time possible!

So it's 6 days of different workouts everyday, and 1 rest day every week for a total of 63 days.

And yes, the workout is insanely tough! πŸ’¦

I'm loving it so far cos having to follow along to the pace set gives me no chance to slack off! Though it's so tough that I'm usually dying halfway through and don't really do the exercises properly anymore 😭😭😭 But I guess it will get better in the weeks to come!

You don't really need any equipment, except your sports shoes and an exercise mat if you have one πŸ‘ I'm really hoping that we'll be able to get through the entire 60 days, but I'd be pretty damn proud of myself to just get through the first two weeks seriously.

I'm not wanting to get super toned abs or anything like that, I just want to be slimmer and less flabby! *θ¦ζ±‚δΈι«˜*

If you go google or YouTube Insanity Workout, you should be able to find lots of reviews and info about it!

I look like this after every workout hahaha it is seriously tough.

Feeling pretty hungry today after all the energy invested in working out and voice lesson πŸ˜‹

Oh, I'm actually taking private classical singing lessons every week for my own personal interest, from this lady who does private coaching and is a professional opera singer! I spend an hour at her place every week to work on my voice πŸ˜– Damn challenging! But we did well today and I had a mini-breakthrough! So happy! 😊

Might even consider going for official voice exams next time so that I can have professional certification. I am really blessed to have the time and opportunities to pursue my own interests, and I feel extremely lucky for it. ☺️

So hungry that I wolfed down two Vietnamese rice paper rolls with my mother's super yummy popiah filling, along with a handful of macadamia nuts! Mom's such a good cook, so bad for the diet πŸ˜”

Can't wait for steamboat dinner tonight with the fam fam! Running off early from my event at 7pm later to go have dinner with my family 😊😊😊

I arrived early for an event for once so I took the chance to camwhore πŸ™Š

My number one absolute favourite illuminating powder is Guerlain Meteorites, I hardly leave the house without dusting on some of this magical powder on my face! πŸ’• It gives an instant illumination that makes my skin glow ✨

πŸ’• With Tricia and Evonne πŸ’•

I love Guerlain products partially cos they are so pretty, but mostly cos they are really really good!!

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