CNY day two outfit! Ang gong gong in #thevelvetdolls top and #megagamie skorts! 😍 I love the drape details on the sleeves of the blouse!

Also, finally used my 'new' bag for the first time too, I bought it from HK in October but haven't used it til now 🙊 It matches my Jeffrey Campbells! ❤️

We went to buffet lunch at Melt, Marina Mandarin hotel which is why I got such a nice background for my ootd haha! The buffet itself was so-so lah. Not really fantastic, but they had really good Indian cuisine!

We watched the Donnie Yen show (some 孙悟空 movie) at night and it was pretty bad 😨 Don't waste your money on it…

CNY visiting can be so tiring! It's like 跑歌台 like that 😓 Must run three or four different places in a day.. So pooped from all the driving around 😴

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