Dear Dayre,

Good morning! Today is day 2 of #HICjuice detox and so far so good!

Oh, I weighed myself and I'm down 0.9kg from yesterday's weight! (Maybe my wet hair and my clothes yesterday were heavy?) Probably also because all the food in my system is digested already. 还是很重 😅, but well, will carry on monitoring the weight progress daily!

YZ says my face looks abit slimmer hahaha make me happy only.

Gonna get busy, I've got work to do, voice lesson to attend and events tonight! 💪

Today's juices include three of my favorites, Popeye Smoothie, Pure Coconut Water and Nut Milk! Yayyyyy!

By the way, this is what the Insanity workout calendar looks like! Lemme get through month 1 first! 💪 Almost halfway there 😊

So @evonnz is at SEA Aquarium now and haolian-ing to me, and I sent her my own video and say "My house also aquarium HAHAHA"

REALLY. Watch the video okay I never bluff you!

Back home after a long day. Voice lesson, Dior boutique opening event and Blackbox event for which I was engaged to be a Darlie representative (remember that time I did a Darlie Expert White toothpaste ad)~

I talked and talked until my mouth dry and did the demo like 6 times! Heng got money one if not I surely sian.

But I am really a fan of Darlie Expert White! Been using it for about one year and still loving it.

I also did today's Insanity workout, "Cardio Recovery" together with YZ. Felt a bit not used to the pace suddenly cos today is more about stretching and the exercises are all quite slow. Surprisingly it still burnt over 200 calories, impressive!

Detox-wise, I actually have problems finishing my juices today cos I didn't have time earlier to drink them all, now I still have 2 and a half juices left!

Don't know if I should drink them all or what.. 😳

Anyway, got home to the news that YZ got into a car accident 😣 Sigh…. 讲了不听,现在出了车祸才甘愿… Thank God it's not a major accident and no one was hurt, but three cars including his was damaged. Now need to fork out money and time to settle this issue 😔

Not having a good day man. TVD websites issues gao gao, super headache also. Need to complete another advert tomorrow and make edits to my video.


The worst kind of problems are problems that can't be solved..

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