Dear Dayre,

How I wish I could turn back the clock on life like I can do on my iPhone to update on yesterday's Dayre! 🙊

Ah well.

I went pak tor with my ahlao-to-be! We like to paktor on weekdays cos we don't have to brave the weekend crowd. Also because we had free movie tickets that were due to expire so we didn't want to waste them! Watch free movie, cheap thrill 😬

We like to watch our movies at Katong i12 cos it's one of the newer cinemas and it's usually quite peaceful on weekdays. And the area there has got quite a lot of food choices! I used to work in the area, right opposite i12 (when it used to be Katong Mall with nothing but a Cold Storage) so the area brings back nostalgic memories for us.

There wasn't this place last time!

I walked past and was really intrigued so after the movie YZ and I came here to check out the place. I like the modern retro vintage feel. It's pretty cool.

Ais Bor for you?

These floor tiles are reminiscent of vintage shop house tiles but they're actually not vintage and I know that the space there didn't have tiles like these before Sinpopo. (It used to be Everything With Fries, anyone remembers? I liked EWF, what a pity it's no longer there)

YZ's very un-hipster but he's the real deal: Uncle. 😂 So he liked Sinpopo very much! We initially just ordered desserts but then he decided to give the scissor cut curry rice a try and we both thought it wasn't bad at all.

The calamansi drink (Sng muay pop) was really nice too!

I spotted old ladies walking in to order stuff like Ngoh Hiang and all that and I wondered what they thought of this place. Did it bring back comforting memories of their younger years for them? Or would they shake their heads sadly at this pristine and unreal mockery of what life used to be for them?

I ordered sweet potato soup: to me it's just a nice dessert that I like. But for them, back in those post-war days when food was scarce, all they had were sweet potatoes to eat.

Just wondering.

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