Dear Dayre,

So I'm sitting here watching YZ lose a lot of money playing dai dee with his family members! 😱 They are quite enthusiastic gamblers and every CNY is a chance to bring out the poker cards and chips. (YES they even have chips like you know casino like that)

Apparently both YZ and my gambling luck really sucks this year, and we've been losing and losing like nobody's business 😕

At least the money that's lost is going to other family members 所以没那么心痛!

I really look badly upon gambling because money is so hard-earned you know? Will tolerate it once a year and enjoy it without thinking so much cos it's all in the name of fun and festivity.


YZ's sister is on a roll, she's been winning non-stop for the past few days!! I think I'm just suay haha. I played about 6 or 7 rounds earlier and all my cards were soooo bad! 😭


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