The bare essentials

Dear Dayre,

So recently I've been damn damn lazy to make-up. I don't know why, it's just very time-consuming and troublesome!

When I'm having days like these, here are the three products that I put on:

✨Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+PA+++
✨Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector
✨Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil

🌸 Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+PA+++ 🌸

This is my FAV bb cream at the moment! Easy to apply cos you just press the applicator pad into the liquid-soaked sponge and pat it on your face.

Makes me fairer instantly, evens out the skin tone, and gives a natural dewy finish!

It kind of wears off towards the end of the day though so I prefer to carry around the compact for touch-ups.

Also, this is the brand new and improved BB Cushion with different packaging and extra skincare benefits for fairer skin! 👍👍👍

*Should be available soon*

🌸 Shiseido Sheer Eyezone Corrector 🌸

This is a new product from Shiseido and I fell in love with it! Usage is easy with a brush tip applicator (similar to YSL Touché Éclat except you turn a knob instead of 'clicking' to dispense the product)

It is smooth and light, but offers very decent coverage that helps to cover my bad eye circles! Doesn't cake up on me which is excellent! 👍👍👍

I love the handy pen form and I also carry it around if I know I may need to do touch-ups during the day.

*Should be available soon*

🌸 Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil 🌸

This is my holy grail brow pencil! I know many many makeup artists and bloggers who swear by it too!

It helps to fill in and define my brows with a gentle greyish brown that blends in very naturally, and adds volume and density to my brows which are a bit sparse in front. I use it practically everyday 👍👍👍

*Already available in stores*

Ok I look abit weird in this photo but you get the idea ya? Basic 3-item lazy day makeup to just smooth over the imperfections a little. At least I won't scare anyone who recognizes me outside 👻

Speaking of which, sometimes it is slightly awkward to run into people who recognize me outside cos I instantly feel abit insecure. Like, "OMG I have no makeup on today FML" or "Shit I'm dressed super sloppy!" or "I hope she doesn't think I look fatter or uglier in real life.."


I'm sure no one really cares except me. Lol

Let's not complain cos I get to have damn awesome nails for CNY!!

Look at my 招财猫s, so cute! 😻😻😻

Thank you @jenrine!!! ❤️

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