Christmas Brunch at Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle!


I’m here to catch up on backlogged entries! Be warned: massive food porn spam ahead in this entry!

So on Christmas Day, I dragged YZ, Evonne, Trish and their respective partners out at 8.30am for brunch! I was pretty sure that everyone would be sleeping in late on Christmas, so I thought it was the perfect excuse to get everyone up early to enjoy a serene and peaceful Christmas brunch together.

Before YZ woke up, I planted a surprise Christmas present for him 😛

He’s been carrying around the most chui looking bag for the past half a year or something, and I thought he needed a smart-looking new bag for work, so I got him a bag from Porter International! Good quality, affordable pricing, and they have very sleek and nice designs too. YZ loved the bag! 😀 Mission accomplished: kept the man happy so that he wouldn’t be grumpy about me waking him up at 7.30am on Christmas morning hehehe 😛

As I predicted, it was so quiet on Christmas morning that the roads were practically empty! We zoomed all the way to Sentosa at record speed and reached there in like 20 minutes. Perfect! Evonne and Trish also arrived shortly, and we got ourselves settled down at Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle for our brunch.

Despite being 8.30am on Christmas morning, the cafe was already busy with the early bird customers. Impressive!

I did regret a little for being so kiasu and arranging such an early meeting time, because the lunch menu is only available at 11am, so we were limited to the breakfast/brunch menu and missed stuff like the truffle fries, pastas, and etc.

Hot chocolate (Evonne’s)

Hot mocha (YZ’s)

Both were chocolatey and rich, very comforting to sip on first thing in the morning. The two chocolate lovers gave their thumbs up!

We ordered so much food because everyone was really hungry D:

The breakfast menu at Kith is very customisable, because almost everything is available as a side, so Evonne and Trish customised their own breakfast plates! Quite a good idea because you can pick exactly what you want to eat.

Kith’s Big Breakfast

Blackstone Eggs, which were essentially Eggs Benedict!

Banana and Mixed Berries Crepe

Trish and Evonne’s customised breakfast plates

Pork Belly Fried Eggs

Verdict on the food? Almost everything was really really good!

Special mention goes to the pork belly fried eggs and bratwurst sausage: they was sooo tasty we had to order another plate with the sausage on the side! The sausage was just incredibly juicy and tasty. And that pork belly.. It was marinated in soy sauce and was super delicious! I loved it! The generous serving of pork belly went exceedingly well with the ciabatta bread and sunny side ups.

The bread served with everything was great too, not dry and hard, but was crisp and fluffy. Usually, I tend to ignore the bread on my plate, but Kith’s bread complemented their dishes so well!

The eggs were all quite done well, except for the Over Easy eggs which were too cooked. My first place of Blackstone eggs came with overcooked poached eggs too, but we requested for a replacement and the second plate was perfect. The bacon that accompanied my poached eggs was done really well, it was soft and flavorful unlike the honey baked ham which was too dry and hard.

When I go back for a repeat visit, the Pork Belly Fried Eggs and Blackstone Eggs would definitely be on the order list again, along with the bratwurst sausage!

Prices are reasonable, with most breakfast items ranging from $17-$20 ish. I don’t think we paid more than $30 per pax, very very affordable for six happy and filled tummies!

Me and my favourite pork belly eggs plus bratwurst. Salivating for this right now 🙁

Couple shots, YZ and I 😀

Evonne and Yang!

Trish and Casey 😀

So happy to have had enjoyed such an awesome and serene Christmas morning with the best company! Great food, lovely sea-side view and wonderful ambience. It’s so nice to have my good friends, their partners and mine all at the same table, chatting away whilst enjoying yummy food!
Feels so homely and family-like 🙂 We didn’t exchange Christmas presents or anything like that, but the time spent at brunch alone made my Christmas day fabulous! Love y’all.

Despite Kith at Quayside Isle being so far away, I’m sure we’ll be back again soon!


Kith Cafe

31 Ocean Way
Quayside Isle

Singapore 098375 

Opening Hours:

Everyday 8am – 10pm ( Closed on Tue ) 

Tel: +65 6734 9007 

Kith’s website

Kith’s Facebook page


The lovely maxi dress I wore is from TheVelvetDolls, and it’s all sold out in blue already, but there are other colours available! We’ve been releasing new items very regularly for CNY and I’m so psyched for all the up and coming gorgeous clothes! Been working hard since I came back from Hong Kong, but I promise to blog more soon, including travel entries 🙂 Can’t wait!

I hope that everyone is having a good start to the year so far, I am definitely thankful for a wonderful two weeks of 2014 so far! Less than three weeks to CNY wheeee!


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