Hong Kong January’14: Day 1

Photolog time!

I haven’t been too inspired to blog lately because it’s been a busy period, I feel like I’m running around trying to get things done everyday!!! Ah well, hope things calm down a little once CNY is over, but there’s so much I want to accomplish this year. Nonetheless, I ain’t gonna stress myself out cos that won’t make anything better haha. I’m best known for staying chill! 

Just thought I’d share some pictures from my Hong Kong trip with the fam from a couple weeks ago, this entry isn’t going to be so much informational as much as pictorial, but still!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Early morning flight at 7am, and we arrived in Hong Kong before noon time.

What a nice sight to see again. Hello Hong Kong!

Lunch at a tiny wanton noodle shop that was sooooo crowded?

The wanton were good but the noodles normal-ish..

No time to waste when it comes to street food! First things first: curry yu dan!

My absolute favourite to have: 恒香老婆饼! Best eaten freshly bought from stores.

Back at Ladies Market, and this time round, we actually did spend quite some time there shopping for random stuff! We got cute luggage tags and my dad bought a cheap jacket. I got a knit snood too for about $12SGD? Because I didn’t bring a scarf along and I thought I might need something to keep me snug for when it got chillier!

I remember walking past this a couple of times previously, but decided to join the queue this time! It’s like coconut milk plus condensed milk, not really my cup of tea actually.

Because we had a mini bus hired to bring us around, we managed to make a trip down to Stanley Harbour, which is tough to get to via public transport. It had a lovely idyllic and scenic view!

And so so so so so many adorable dogs!!

Especially poodles! Lol.

Found my favourite soft-serve ice cream!

Flower stall at the market, gorgeous blooms!

Stanley Market is really very similar to Ladies Market, but slightly pricier (more expats in this area) so I didn’t do any shopping here at all.

This Pekingese was super cute!

There are many pet-related shops, and at Stanley Mall, you can “park” your dogs outside by the corridor when you go inside to shop! Lol. So cute! And the dogs are generally all very well-behaved!

From Stanley Harbour, we stopped over at The Peak next! Timing wasn’t ideal because the entire island was very foggy, and the lights weren’t up yet so all we saw were buildings obscured by fog…

But still, a family portrait with my loved family! Hehehehe.

We were brought to some Teochew restaurant for dinner, and I wasn’t too impressed..

Silly dad and me! Trust me he’s normally ten times fiercer than he looks in this picture.

At Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars!

We waited and waited for the light show.. But was sorely disappointed because it was very meh! Wasn’t impressive at all. The only thing I liked about Victoria Harbour was the chewy smoked squid you can buy from a stall along the harbour!

It just so happened that Gina had a couple of friends staying in the exact same hotel as us, so we made plans to venture out for supper together!

It took us almost an hour (I believe) to locate the very famous Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles, but they are really a must-try!

Took the MTR to Sheung Wan..

Before trekking uphill to Gough Street!

It was past 10 when we arrived, which was good because the shop wasn’t so crowded by then!
However, some of the items on the menu were already sold out 🙁

Six bowls of piping hot beef brisket soup noodles and beef brisket curry noodles!

In my opinion, the flat yellow egg noodles went very well in the soup, and the beehoon went well with the curry, which was so damn spicy!


Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles
21 Gough Street
(Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan)


The only recommendation of the entry. Please try those beef brisket noodles if you have time to spare! You know it’s good when you get to celebrity-spot: we caught a glimpse of Hong Kong actor 黃秋生 in a car outside!

Okayyyyy end of my short non-wordy entry. I have an event at 9.15am tmr FML.
Good night!


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