Charcoal Thai

Dear Dayre,

Finally got my mookata craving out of the way! 🙊 It was a totally impromptu session with @reeniepoh, @xiesimin, @yingdan and YZ, to celebrate our last day of work before the new 'year'!

We went to Charcoal Thai at Kovan, and it was pretty decent! I wouldn't say it's the best though. At least the ambience is comfy!

The crab cakes there are really nice!!! I don't particularly like deep fried food so you can take my word for it. 👍 They had a nice crispy batter and a soft tasty filling. Didn't taste too oily either.

The girls were trying very hard to get into my top down table shot hahaha

Okay here's a nicer shot of the girls! ❤️

And we adjourned for durians after that!!! 肥死了! Only got back home at 2am and I concussed til 11am.

Am really glad that we made it through to CNY! Though there were a lot of hiccups and problems… 😕 But still!

New year, new slate! Gonna start afresh after CNY! 💪 My number one priority is gonna be to turn our office into a comfy, neat and cozy space! And get our accounts into order. Also debug the website! 💪💪💪

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