Dear Dayre,

Today's weather was terrible!!

Just ended an outdoor shoot with @tasteofapple, and I'm currently cabbing back to office to drop off all the photoshoot stuff. Super duper humid and hot today and the two of us sweated bucketloads.

I really hope the photos are worth it 🙏

I decided to bring in an oriental cheongsam dress, and I thought @tasteofapple pulled off the cheongsam very well! Maybe I should keep a piece for CNY. Not feeling motivated to dress up for CNY yet though, I must be getting old!

Yesterday, I didn't update much as well cos I had events back-to-back and all that. No idea why it's been so busy this week ever since I got back from HK 😭 Haven't even got a chance to update my blog 😔

The first event yesterday was Sulwhasoo!

I actually received a Sulwhasoo travel skincare set a while ago, and I decided to bring the travel set to HK to use cos it was all small mini bottles, super convenient!

It's my first time trying Sulwhasoo skincare but I've heard that it's really good.

This is the set that I used in HK, and it really lives up to the hype!! I don't know about the long-term results, but I really liked how each product all absorbed so well. My skin felt very soft and moisturized after usage 👍 There's a mild herbal ginseng fragrance that's quite nice actually!

The new Sulwhasoo product launched yesterday is the Perfecting Cushion, and it's similar to the Laneige BB Cushion. It's supposed to have more lasting coverage so I think it sounds really good in theory. Need to use it a few more times to give my verdict on it though.

Fed well at the event with yummy canapés and sweet treats teehee! 我真的减不了肥 🙊

Busy taking selfies at the event hahaa presentations can get rather dry sometimes when it's very scientific! But I'm still paying attention okay!

So in between the two events, @evonnz and I had a couple hours to spare and she was dying to go to the On Pedder sale in town. But I was the one who ended up spending money on shoes…. 😬

I was SOOO happy because this pair of really cute studded loafers caught my eye but my size was all sold out initially, until the sales assistant decided to release a pair that was reserved for another customer to me!! 💃💃💃

I liked the shoes so much I was actually considering getting them in a size bigger and then putting in-soles instead. SO HAPPY that I managed to get the right size in the end!!!

Wore them straight away today. DAMN LOVE! Edgy but casual and cute. 我要改路线了.

Zoomed down to Vivocity after that in @evonnz's car for LoveBonito's pop-up store opening at Tangs! Caught quite a few familiar faces.. And we all went out for dinner together after that! With @gugglez, @lianmeiting, @evonnz, @vaingloriousyou, @trishaliang, @evepek and @tippytapp!

Congratulations to the amazing LB girls for yet another achievement: the pop-up store looked amazing!

I was slightly disappointed that the Julien Fournie for Love Bonito collection wasn't available at the pop-up store, it would have been great to see those pieces!! But we got to bring home a lovely scarf and that beautiful calendar 😻 Thank you @ms_rach and @violaerin!

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