Dear Dayre,

I've been waking up before 6 am for a few days now, and it's quite annoying cos it takes me some time to get back asleep! 😩

Ah well, I take it as an opportunity to update my Dayre cos I haven't seemed to be able to update on-the-go lately?

I had a activity-packed Saturday hanging out with some favorite people, first for the event in the afternoon during which I talked myself hoarse explaining Lightroom for like 45 mins or something! 😨

I hope the ladies who attended managed to learn something and bring back tips and information of value!

Actually teaching is pretty fun to me and I quite enjoy passing on knowledge to my "students" hahaa.

Realised I don't have pictures from the actual event, what a pity!

Dressed by g2000 for the day, so I matched the lovely blue blazer that I got with a simple cropped top and black skirt. The other girls @beatricesays @evonnz and @withlovetricia looked so good in their wear!

The blazer is super good material! Thick and soft. It has shoulder pads that make my small sloping shoulders look more structured which I like.

I did my own base makeup and had it touched up at the VDL makeup booth at the event!

Preetz @evonnz got her hair curled by Tricia in true blue tai-tai style.

Right after the event, I rushed off to @shiberty's for pre-CNY gathering/Louhei/steamboat!!!

I LOVE CNY so much because I adore steamboat. I can steam myself to death everyday no problem. Gimme all the steamboat! Veggies and meat enough to keep me happy. 👍

We sat at the dining table for more than two hours straight, though some folks were complaining they they were full after half an hour! Bluff one all still carried on eating hahahaha.

Huat huat huat!!!!

Lemme end off with a super funny picture of my dogs.

QQ: *meme moment* "BITCH I'M FABULOUS."

Baby: "I'm just fat."

The original meme HAHAHAHA

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