Dear Dayre,

Been busy busy since I got back!! Actually, I was working too during the trip and launched a new collection yesterday morning. So today I went into office early to work with Lina cos we needed to stock in for KissJane today as well as pack the parcels for yesterday's launch! Phew.

I totally forgot that I have an event now at Tangs Plaza and I left the house this morning with only BB cream on. Now I feel so insecure cos I didn't draw my brows hahaha and I don't like that!

One of the bad things about wearing makeup most of the time is that I always feel abit insecure with no makeup on when I'm outside. Somemore my skin not that awesome and I have dark undereye circles and all that 🙁

I didn't blow dry my hair properly this morning too so I'm pretty chui man. Good thing it's a private beauty event so I don't think it's a must to dress up even though it would have been nice if I weren't wearing shorts and carrying a Longchamp bag (auntie much?)

I hope the company doesn't mind too much!! 🙏 I didn't do it on purpose I swear 😔

Now I'm zooming to town in a cab, which is why I have time to update on the go. Yayyyyy~

With Tricia at the Shiseido White Lucent event teehee.

There's a new and improved White Lucent serum that I'm super excited to try!! Fair skin here I comeee! 😍

New Laquer Glosses that pigments, moisturizes and gives a glossy finish all at the same time!

I also love these three color palettes: Face Color Enhancing Trio!

So lucky and privileged to get the opportunity to attend makeup launches, events and the likes! Always get to bring home awesome products too. Fortunate me!

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