Dear Dayre,

What, no updates from me the entire day!

Actually it was because we were out shopping the entire day, and I didn't have time to update.. No more minibus/coach today so we brought the family out around via MTR today.

Apparently it was my dad's second time on a public train (first being once in Singapore)! #achievementunlocked

The first place we brought the family to was for breakfast.. At Australia Dairy Company!

Wtf.. The queue was damn long today. Super many PRCs and some Singaporeans too. It moves quite quickly though so we waited for about 15-20mins to get two tables to sit 8 of us!

Note: If you want to enjoy the classic ADC experience, remember to order "炒蛋" instead of "煎蛋"!! We mis-ordered by mistake… Meh.

After breakfast, we took the MTR again to Tsim Sha Tsui, and the folks spent some time shopping at Miramar Shopping Centre (they have outlet shops like Vivienne Westwood, Agnes B, American Eagle etc) and also around the random shops along the streets.

We wanted to get Jenny cookies, but when we reached the shop at Mirador Mansion, the cookies were SOLD OUT 😨

Sold out already never mind, there was a guy trying to sell us Jenny cookies outside at almost two times the price??! Of course we decided not to get lah. He said he reached the shop at 6am and queued for 3 hours, don't know real or not. Zzz. Can't stand profiteers like these! 😠

And guess what? We left Mirador Mansion to see this damn bloody long queue outside (mostly PRCs again..) waiting for a fresh batch of Jenny cookies wtf. Mad!!!

First Four Seasons claypot rice, then Australian Dairy Company, then Jenny cookies. Every freaking place also queuing. WHY???

Thank god my favourite fish dumplings at Hung Lee didn't disappoint me!! Although we had to queue a short while too, wasn't as 夸张 as the rest.

Best part of the day was Tim Ho Wan at Olympian City!! NO QUEUE! Heng ah. If I had to queue again for one more thing today, I would be 🔥💢💢💢

For the curious, Tim Ho Wan in Singapore is pretty comparable with the one we had today in HK!! Just eat at Singapore Tim Ho Wan ya?

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