Dear Dayre,

Can't believe today is day 9 out of 365 days already. The days are quickly counting down and soon it's gonna be my wedding?? I feel quite unprepared as of now cos I haven't really done anything yet.. Aside from booking the banquet venue and deciding on my bridal studio, everything else is pretty much a question mark. OMG 🙁

And now my biggest worry is that I'm gonna look really ugly on my wedding day! Haiiii.

I ended my #slimcouture treatments about a month ago, and the results were actually really good, especially the loss in measurements and inches loss. I felt really good about myself at the end of the sessions! There are before and after photos on my blog, which I hesitated to put up cos they are quite intrusive (of me in my underwear) but well I decided to put them up cos I wanted to share how good the results were.

Anyway, Slim Couture is also doing a give-away specially for my readers so when you quote my name, you get free slimming wraps thrown in as well!! So far I've only seen positive comments about Slim Couture, some from readers who have already started sessions there and others who have successfully lost weight already. So good!

I actually want to lose more weight too, but I've been eating so much during the holidays I feel bloated 🙁 Time to detox again so that I can lose the festive tummy!

I feel quite sian cos my biggest concern apart from my wide hips and big bottom are my arms.. They are damn big and flabby 🙁 So what if I have nice legs and calves?? They're all gonna be covered up unless my wedding dress is a mini skirt! Which is not gonna happen.

I super envy those girls with pretty shoulders and slender arms! 🙁

Maybe I'll choose a wedding dress with sleeves so that I can hide my flabby arms hahaha.

Okay don't mind me, just having one of those feeling-lousy-about-myself days, maybe some of you have days like these too and would be able to understand how I feel.

Right now, it's barely three weeks to CNY so I guess that's my short term goal hahahaa must carry on losing abit of weight before CNY comes along! But I just had Krispy Kreme for breakfast lol.

Tricia uploaded this picture of us on her Instagram, and @winda commented that she thought I was my mother 😂

So I made this collage of my mother's face and my face. Hahaha

Look like or not? Lol.

I tend to get more comments that I look like my mom when I don't smile. I think it's the face shape and lips!

Luckily I'm not as bimbotic as my mother.

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