Dear Dayre,

Rise and shine! ☀️☀️☀️

Today day 4 of detox hoho both YZ and I are still going strong 👍 Looks like no one is willing to surrender our last year of Angbao money.. Lol because this time next year we'd be married liao! Meh.

Anyway, a short skincare review!

Received this Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream from #TheFaceShop, and they sent it in a cute press kit.

I've realised that The Face Shop has been focusing a lot on natural products like seeds!

Cute little bottle. It dispenses easily with the pump!

Has a nice sort of floral-ish fragrance, and it's really light-weight on the skin and absorbs easily!

I've only tried it a couple of times but I quite like it, especially since it's supposed to be calming,
good for sensitive skin like mine.

Worth a try if you're looking for a product that's gentle at the skin and will help to moisturize at the same time!

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