Dear Dayre,

Day 2 down, 12 days to go!
Can't believe I could still stare at food pictures when on detox, lol. I blogged a new entry on brunch at Kith, Quayside Isle!

You might not want to view the blog entry if you're feeling hungry in the middle of the night. Food picture spam!

Sorry for the ugly no-makeup face,
I just wanted to complain about my hair. It's at such an annoying length!

I want to grow my hair out for my wedding, but I really hate how shapeless it looks right now. My hair is really heavy and thick, which is a pain. So tempted to cut it off!

This is the longest it has been in about 2-3 years. Maybe I should perm the ends or start curling my hair cos I don't like how flat it is now. Meh.

On a side tangent, YZ and I have been discussing about when we want to head over to Taiwan for our pre-wed shoot.

We bought this package almost one year ago (before he proposed actually -.-) because we kind of got suckered into one of those bridal studio booths at Bugis! Can't believe we really signed and paid on the spot then.

Anyway since it's a done deal already, I'm just hoping the pictures will turn out nice!

I'm actually thinking of doing more casual couple shoots for Taiwan than wedding gown shoots, cos I'd like to do a shoot in Singapore with my AD wedding dresses from Blessed Brides when I decide on them.

We want to go in April while the weather is still cool and nice, but YZ is worried he won't be ready (I.e fit and slim enough) by then. Hahaa. I'm like "I'm sure they have photoshop!"

But if we delay the shoot, the next best timing would be November, which is a little too late cos the actual day is 1st January.


Speaking of actual day, what's the procedure to get a solemniser like and how early in advance do I need to book one? I'm not fussy over how funny or boring the solemniser is, as long as he's not too long-winded and gets the job done 😂

Any advice from the brides-to-be or happily-wed ladies?

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