Dear Dayre,

Reunion dinner with the fam fam! We have the same thing every year: steamboat!

My family's steamboat is the best! Pork bones are boiled to make soup stock for hours, and then we throw in stuff like abalone brine, fish maw and all the tasty stuff 😋

This is officially my last year in the family before I 正式嫁出去… I'm sure I will miss my family when I get married 😕

My domestic helper is the worst at taking photos 😂

My face damn fat lah. Sian! I haven't decided what to wear for the next three days! 😧 Raided all the offices for clothes so I have an assortment of clothes from TVD, MGG and LP to choose from haha. My aunt says I shouldn't wear red tomorrow cos it's not auspicious for me, but it's CNY day 1! Don't wear red for CNY day 1 like not huat leh!

Outfits can be very stressful sometimes 😑

I hope more customers wear TVD clothes for CNY!!! I love to see customers all pretty in TVD clothes, esp during CNY! Makes me happy 😬

If you're wearing TVD clothes for CNY, remember to hashtag #thevelvetdolls and #tvdootd ok?

OMG it's 15 mins to midnight! New lunar year is approaching!!!


Here's my wishes for everyone this year.

马上have everything!!! Lol.

For me I want to


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