Dear Dayre,

Reunion dinner with the fam fam! We have the same thing every year: steamboat!

My family's steamboat is the best! Pork bones are boiled to make soup stock for hours, and then we throw in stuff like abalone brine, fish maw and all the tasty stuff πŸ˜‹

This is officially my last year in the family before I ζ­£εΌε«ε‡ΊεŽ»… I'm sure I will miss my family when I get married πŸ˜•

My domestic helper is the worst at taking photos πŸ˜‚

My face damn fat lah. Sian! I haven't decided what to wear for the next three days! 😧 Raided all the offices for clothes so I have an assortment of clothes from TVD, MGG and LP to choose from haha. My aunt says I shouldn't wear red tomorrow cos it's not auspicious for me, but it's CNY day 1! Don't wear red for CNY day 1 like not huat leh!

Outfits can be very stressful sometimes πŸ˜‘

I hope more customers wear TVD clothes for CNY!!! I love to see customers all pretty in TVD clothes, esp during CNY! Makes me happy 😬

If you're wearing TVD clothes for CNY, remember to hashtag #thevelvetdolls and #tvdootd ok?

OMG it's 15 mins to midnight! New lunar year is approaching!!!


Here's my wishes for everyone this year.

马上have everything!!! Lol.

For me I want to



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