Dear Dayre,

Been hermitting myself at home today editing photos for next #thevelvetdolls launch!

Uploaded some on Facebook already so go check them out 😻

I have a love-hate relationship with CNY.. Always excited to launch lotsa pretty things for CNY but the last month leading up to CNY is always hectic and tiring! Photoshoot photoshoot photoshoot. Stock in for Kissjane. Edit photos. Launch.

This year I'm feeling quite motivated and on-the-ball to work hard so that I can have a good rest during CNY!! Also, with the help of my sissy and minions, I think we can do it!!!

Right after CNY, I'm gonna go IKEA shopping for the office.

It's really strange to think that I am a "老板", albeit of a small and modest business. How did this happen to me??

I may be really sucky at handling stuff like logistics and accounts and renovation and mind-boggling stuff like that, but the greatest satisfaction in my job comes from seeing happy customers in pretty clothes!!

Especially when they post pretty OOTDs on Instagram or even email in to compliment and thank the team ☺️☺️☺️

So if you're one of those lovely customers, thank you!!!!!

I wouldn't still be doing this right now without all of you. ❤️

Last year, I made New Year resolutions to work on improving TVD as a business.. Well I registered the company and moved to a dot com. We also shifted to a larger space at the end of the year. This year, I want to improve back-end ops even better! Also keep track of shop accounts better!

More importantly, I want to improve customer service and work on bringing in better designs to cater to more girls, style and take better pictures of the apparel, do more in terms of marketing and advertising, and generally just be better in every aspect. 💪💪💪

One of the one things I want to do for TVD this year is to.. Hold a tea party!! Like a small event for selected customers, to get to meet them in real life and also interact with them. Gonna make sure it happens! 😊

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