Dear Dayre,

Had a really chill Sunday with YZ: I love my Sundays like this! Spent the first half of the day at home (editing photos, blogging and randomly surfing.. There's an ASOS sale going on at the moment!) then went out with YZ for dinner and foot reflexology session!!

Foot reflexology sounds very 老人家 but I have grown to really enjoy it and after a good session I feel soooo relaxed and sleepy. It's really shiok!

And after our session at Bugis, we always head to nearby for yummy food.

So we went to one of our fav ramen joints which is Keisuke, their latest branch is at Bugis! We ordered the "Autumn" ramen and it was pretty good 😋

My favourite part is the free-flow pickled beansprouts and hard boiled eggs haha! We usually order one bowl of ramen to share cos it's quite filling together with the beansprouts and eggs. Yums!

This is gonna be our last good meal!

YZ and I have been saying the above for ages cos we've been meaning to do a detox together: too much feasting the past months haha need to control and lose the tummies!

So yah.

This time for real! Gonna do Optrimax 5-Day Plan tomorrow while YZ does Neera Detox. No more good meals for us now 😂

下定决心, 是时候积极减肥了! 💪

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