Dear Dayre,

New collection launched on #thevelvetdolls! ❤️ PS. Quote Huat5 for 5% off!

Sorry for my short & boring updates. Been busy with doing other stuff, for instance, I got my eyelash extensions touched up at Graceous, and also, I finally met my wedding planners,
Rubina and Clarissa from Inside The Knot!

We spent a good two and a half hours chatting and discussing wedding stuff and also other random topics lol. So glad to have these two lovely ladies to work on the wedding for me!

Rubina has got years of experience in the wedding industry, so I'm very sure I'm in good hands!

They showed me some of their past weddings and events, and everything looked just gorgeous! 😻 I hope mine will be just as lovely!

Oh and Inside The Knot (that's the company name) also does the floristry so yay that's my flowers settled too! 💐

Looks like everything is falling into place nicely for the big day! Feeling so much more assured and at ease now that I can leave matters in capable hands 😊

I don't know how couples can actually do all these wedding planning thingamies concurrently with their full time jobs and other commitments without going nuts. 😱

You know, part of me is telling me to just not update when I don't have anything interesting to say. But the other part of me is like but this is DAY-re! Must update daily! 😑

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