Dear Dayre,

I woke up again in the middle of the night wtf but it was like 5am today! Sucks to be me.

Figured that since I'm up, I ought to get work done too so yupppp, editing photos from shoot!

I initially wanted to give it a break til CNY, but decided to just launch a few more items this week for the last minute shoppers. I hope it's a good decision!

Thankful for @tasteofapple who always accommodates to my requests for shoot on short notice as long as she's free and available. 😘 I even got lunch bought for me today! Thanks dear!!

We shot the mesh panel top which both Apple and I really like, she kept two colors and I'm contemplating if I should keep white or black for myself other than the contrast B/W one! Decisions decisions.

There is also a flare dress with a really elegant and gorgeous cutting as well as a dreamy lace cami!

I found out about something today (or rather it was confessed to me), and it is so unexpected and a really huge unpleasant surprise that I don't even know how to feel about it.

I was so damn disappointed.

Disbelief, shock, disappointment, heartpain and anger. Sigh.

It was a huge blow to me to hear about it and I really feel very 心痛. But right now, the only thing I can do is to accept it in my stride and look ahead and move on from this incident.

PS. NO. No one cheated on me -.-

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