Today is already the 12th day of 2014.

It’s quite amazing that it’s almost two weeks into the new year!

This year is gonna be an important year for me.

I’m turning 27 this year (not young anymore wtf) and in a year’s time, I’ll be getting married.

When I was younger, I always thought that I wouldn’t get married nor have kids. This carried on into my teens because I didn’t have any male attention and remained single all the way until I was 20. And then BOOM I got attached to YZ and now it’s the 7th year into our relationship.

Taken on Christmas Day 2013: YZ cooked us instant noodles for breakfast!

I blogged a very long and personal post on my Dayre on Christmas Eve 2013, about YZ and I. It’s really personal in the sense that I shared very honestly about YZ and my relationship, and not all aspects of it were written in a positive light. 

Anyway, I didn’t show YZ that Dayre post previously (he’s not on Dayre hahaha) because I wasn’t sure what his reaction to me being so open about our relationship would be like. So we were just cuddling in bed a few days ago and one thing led to another and I showed him the Dayre entry that I wrote. I didn’t expect him to actually tear when he read my entry.. Hahaha. He was quite touched and overwhelmed and lastly he said.. “You’re really a good writer, you can write better than you talk” -.-

Our big wedding day is gonna be 1st January 2015, which most of my good friends know already!

Just for the record, we didn’t purposely pick such a date to be special or anything like that. The date was picked by a Feng Shui master that my daddy went to see! The date given to us initially was 11 November, but the day and date didn’t tally and we were puzzling over it. My dad went back to check with the Feng Shui master.. So apparently the lunar calendar 11 November is 1st January 2015. Got so heng or not I also don’t know?

At the moment, I haven’t done much, but we’ve picked our wedding venue, and I’ve also settled on a bridal studio (Blessed Brides)! 

Everything else is still yet mostly unplanned. Merrylove Weddings will be styling my wedding, of course, and I’ve already got some wonderful people who will be providing various services like the photobooth by InstaPrint SG, my wedding cake (which will be done by Jessica OBVIOUSLY, right Jess??), and my hair and nails will be done by my super awesome sponsors Salon Vim and The Nail Artelier!

Jiamei introduced me to Blessed Brides, who have European gowns for rent as well as custom-made gowns available, and they are very affordable too!! She’s getting her gowns done there as well! 😀 I didn’t want to spend my time shopping for gowns down the entire stretch of Tanjong Pagar, and I felt very comfortable with Valerie (one of the owners of Blessed Brides) who is super nice, when I went down with Jiamei when she was settling her own gowns, so I decided to confirm Blessed Brides as my bridal studio.

Looking at the huge array of gowns at Blessed Brides, they bring in European brands like Pronovia and Rosa Clara! So excited for the new collection to come in this year so I can decide on my gown! 😀

I’ll be getting my evening gown custom-made too! Can’t wait to bring YZ down to Blessed Brides too so that we can start deciding on gowns together!

Haven’t gotten any AD photographer though I have received some emails from a few photographers, but most were for pre-wed shoot. I don’t know which videographers are good either. Any recommendations, anyone? I haven’t been doing any research though I know many brides-to-be spend a lot of time reading wedding forums and the likes, I’m not too sure if I want to start doing that cos it’s probably gonna be the road of no return! Good luck to me.. Hahaha.

Aside from preparing for the big day, I’m determined that this year be a year of marked improvement for TVD! Now that we’ve shifted to our own domain and have also moved into a bigger space, I really want to improve every aspect of the business, from the back-end operations to customer service, apparel design, quality, and all that. I am really really intent on improving customer service, because the shopping experience for the customer is extremely important!!! Gonna work doubly hard on that this year!

One of my plans for this year is also to organise an event for TVD.. Just a small one! A private tea party cum sale, where I can meet customers, interact with them, and just basically thank loyal customers for sticking around! Still figuring out the details, but I’m really excited for this one! 😀

Hoping that 2014 treats me well!


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