Tim Ho Wan!

Dear Dayre,

I woke up damn early today, just to attend Tim Ho Wan's grand opening at Bedok Mall (unit number B1-51/52)!

Of course, I pulled YZ out of bed together with me whoopeedoo! Who can say no to baked BBQ buns? They are da bombz 😍

More Tim Ho Wans in Singapore can only be awesome! Other than Bedok Mall, there's another new branch located at Westgate too.

So we got to try some special dishes created for Singapore's different outlets, including interesting local flavors like Yam dumpling with chilli crab meat and Jade wonton in Laksa soup.

To be honest, I didn't think much of these 'special' dishes, despite the attempt at a localized flavour. Dim sum is pretty weird in laksa sauce. Maybe it'll take more experimenting to come up with a palatable Singaporean-HK dim sum dish.

Still, the one thing I love Tim Ho Wan for is still their delectable and unmatched char siu pau!

Crispy, melt in the mouth pastry, and yummy BBQ pork filling that's moist and flavorful mmmmm. I had at least three today 😁

Gonna turn into a pau-face very soon…

I've been wearing this orange/coral lipstick from Laneige lately and I love how it brightens up my look! It's Serum Intense LED lipstick in YR27.

Very smooth and moisturizing formula that's extremely pigmented though it transfers quite easily and you'd definitely need to touch it up after a meal.

After my craze for bright pink lips, I'm now veering towards oranges/corals which give a different feel, slightly spunkier somehow! 😍

Oh yes, today's outfit! It's an embossed tee top that's upcoming in the next collection! Paired with my trusty and easy to wear trumpet skirt, makes a pretty comfy ensemble! I really like the embossed fabric of the top 💜 Can't really see the details here so go check out the previews on #thevelvetdolls Facebook page ok?

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