The search begins!

Dear Dayre,

The search has begun..!


For the perfect wedding dress, that is. Today was my first time stepping into a bridal studio, and trying on a wedding dress, and man, the feeling is so surreal 😳

I felt like I was a make-believe princess in a fairy tale!

The bridal studio that I went to today is called Blessed Brides, and they do MTM gowns! They're also the exclusive local retailer of European designer brand Pronovia.

I tried on some gowns and they were really nice!! I'm so tempted to show you all my favorite gown out of three that I tried on today!!!

But at the same time, it'll spoil any element of surprise for my wedding photos/actual day to post a picture of myself in a wedding gown…. Lol *dilemma*

How how anyone wants to see? 🙊

OKAY LAH OKAY LAH I own self cannot stand the suspense anymore so here's ONE picture of me in a wedding gown I quite liked okay!

This one is from Pronovia at Blessed Brides and it has a sort of A-line mermaidish cut! 😍 I was veering towards the embellished/lace-detailing/bling sort of gown, but when I tried this on, the clean, elegant feel appealed to me so much!

Apparently my boobies aren't big enough cos it's too big at the bust area and doesn't fit well 😑

Not a huge concern cos it can be altered to fit! I do love the way the skirting drapes down though so elegant and pretty but not
overly girly or princessy!

And also my pose is retarded cos I was holding up the veil with one hand hahaha.

The owner of the studio, Val, was very sweet and patient! The studio has been around for only about four years plus, not as long as the established big names, but I really like what I saw 😊

Still feels so unreal to see myself in a wedding dress.

PS. I didn't post this on Insta cos YZ hasn't seen me trying on any gowns yet and I don't wanna spoil his first angelic vision of his dazzling bride-to-be like a 白衣天使 like that muahahaha

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