Staycation at Grand Hyatt Singapore!

Good Sunday!

Maybe it’s the weather, but I’ve been feeling sooooo super duper unproductive and tired!
I just wanna snooze and read a book in bed. Zzzz

What would be even better though, would be another stay-cation! You know, I used to think that stay-cations were overrated, but not anymore. Now, I really appreciate what a well-rested and comfortable stay-cation can do for the spirits.

Lucky me got to experience a wonderful stay at Grand Hyatt Singapore, a five-star luxury hotel, located right in the heart of Orchard. I was totally spoilt and pampered for the short one night’s stay, and I’ve got to say, our experience at Grand Hyatt Singapore was just about perfect! The location was fantastic (we even snuck out for a late night movie in town teehee) and the service impeccable! Not to mention the insanely luxurious bed, we had such a good night’s sleep! 😉

I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking here, so enjoy the rest of this entry! 🙂

The invite came in the form of a paper mock-up vinyl record and a cute fold-it-yourself paper gramophone, props to the design team at Grand Hyatt for the creativity!

We arrived bright and early on a Friday morning to check-in, whoopeedo! Early start to the weekend never felt better 😉

Took the opportunity of the pretty poolside for an outfit shot 😀
Ruffle Off-Shoulder Top from TheVelvetDolls, and the houndstooth origami skorts are from AforArcade.

❤ ❤ ❤

Our first activity for the day was a cooking demonstration/workshop by Chef Martin of mezza9, which is really a hidden gem! Recommended for a nice dinner in town! 🙂

mezza9 offers a multitude of culinary delights to satisfy diverse palettes and culinary connoisseurs.  

With nine different dining experiences to savour, diners can choose to sit in any area and still order from all the show kitchens around them; deli, yakitori grill, sushi-sashimi bar, the grill, steam basket, the patisserie and the martini bar.  

Located on the mezzanine level, mezza9 is a trendy, full service restaurant that delivers the highest culinary standards at a 400 seat capacity. If you are looking for a great restaurant in Orchard Road to have lunch or a sumptuous Sunday Brunch, mezza9 is one place not to be missed.”

An offering of Christmas cookies for us to munch on so that we didn’t drool too much over the cooking demonstration.. I swear I was that hungry haha!

Chef Martin introducing the “easy-to-prepare” dishes that he’d be whipping up for us!

Check out that row of sauces, condiments and ingredients. Definitely a top chef’s kitchen!

Chef Martin showing us the right way to cut up a sea bass…

Preparing this amazing Spinach Egg that was delectable!

I don’t see how I can make this myself at home, but Chef Martin says it is easy. Hahahaha.

Beautiful Hokkiado Scallop Pops in Romesco Sauce, wrapped with delicious bacon!

Chef working hard on the last dish, and showing us how plating is done:

Wood Fired Barramundi, served with pumpkin, potatoes, chestnut and crustacean jus.

Thank God we were gonna be served all those dishes just demonstrated or I might have just eaten the demo dish that Chef Martin made hehehe.

Chef hats on!! Act one kind only. The only thing I can cook is like egg omelette and maggi mee hehe

Ok hats off, and lunch-time! ^.^

I’m really salivating over this picture of bread now because I haven’t had bread (or any other carbs/grains) for the longest time…..

The egg yolk was just oozing in the most heavenly way..

And dessert was so pretty, I almost didn’t eat it!

ALMOST… But not quite! It was the perfect chocolatey end to our lunch.

Our lunch was sooo good…

❤ ❤ ❤

We were booked for one of the Grand Club Rooms, which allows the guest to enjoy a host of additional benefits and privileges including complimentary Internet, and the use and access to their Grand Club Lounge, which serves complimentary Continental breakfast, evening cocktails and all day beverages.

They even have canapés and cocktails from 6-8PM! (Which I missed, meh.)

You can choose from coffee, tea, 

Or even canned drinks/evian water! I love that it’s available all-day long, so you can pop by whenever you need a refreshment. Breakfast is served here in the mornings as well.

We checked into our room, before we headed downstairs for our pampering session at Damai Spa!

I love hotel rooms!!! My favourite part is of course the bed. Ahahahaha. But the Grand Club Room was amazing! I didn’t manage to take more photos, but the amenities are fantastic.

Guestrooms in the Terrace Wing which measure 42 square metres each features light- coloured timber interiors that create a warm and relaxing ambience. A functional extended workstation bathed in natural daylight will provide guests with an area ideal for their business needs. A 37-inch flat screen television with personal audio/video connection, including a DVD/CD/VCD player, will meet guests’ entertainment needs, while the comfort of our plush soft goose down king bed and pillows will gently lull them into a state of total relaxation.

Advanced high-speed wired and wireless broadband networks, will allow guests to access the Internet from anywhere in the hotel and our Singapore hotel rooms. Within the Grand Rooms, conveniently placed safes have been designed to accommodate notebook PCs and other business communication devices. Once stored, notebooks enjoy the additional benefit of also being recharged.

Guests staying in Grand Club Rooms can enjoy a host of additional benefits and privileges including June Jacobs amenities, complimentary Internet, and the use and access to our Grand Club Lounge, which serves complimentary Continental breakfast, evening cocktails and all day beverages. 

For this special stay-cation, the wonderful team at Grand Hyatt prepared a special surprise for us: A little black forest/chocolate cake that was damn yums!!

All these are part of “Hyatt is listening”, a new initiative piloted by Grand Hyatt, which takes into account the feedback and needs from the guests and focuses on tailoring to each individual’s requirements by arranging for a customized stay for each and every of their guest.

I personally think it’s an amazing idea to get a customised stay at a hotel, because as a guest, it really makes me feel so welcomed and comfortable! This chocolate cake certainly made my day 😉

After a short rest, we headed downstairs to Damai Spa for our massage/spa session!

We got to fill in a form to state our preferences, which body parts to avoid, which to be focused on, etc.

We enjoyed a luxurious long full-body massage and it was just what I needed to melt away all the stiffness and tension in my muscles!

And look, more surprises from the lovely team at Grand Hyatt, they were definitely determined to make our stay a good one!! Thank you so much, girls!!

After our spa session that night, I had to head out for a wedding dinner (conveniently located in town at Mandarin Oriental) so I popped out for the dinner, even watched a late-night movie (THOR!!!), before walking our way back from Cineleisure to Grand Hyatt for a really good night’s sleep on their awesomely luxurious bed!

See what I mean about the great location? *insert thumbs up emoticon*

❤ ❤ ❤

YZ and I rose early on the second day, Saturday, real excited about breakfast! Also, we slept so well throughout the night, it was hard to extract ourselves from the comfy bed.

Visited the pool side for a spot of photo-taking and it was so serene and quiet! I forgot to bring any swim wear so I couldn’t hop in though I wanted to so badly 🙁

My sunny outfit for Saturday: Top from Megagamie and Abstract Pirouette Skorts from TheVelvetDolls! 🙂

Breakfast had me utterly spoilt for choice: I am a huge fan of breakfast buffets and eggs-on-demand, and the Grand Club Lounge had it all!!

Wuuutttt free-flow Yakult!! @.@

Deli meats like ham, smoked chicken breast etc. I love my breakfast meats!

Even had a selection of cheese! I don’t like cheese though, so I skipped the cheese ^^;

I had some yogurt with fresh fruits, nuts, and honey!

Baby tomatoes that were grilled to a juicy burst-in-your-mouth consistency: I packed in at least 5 or 6 of these yummy sweet treats! Accompanied by bites of my smoked chicken breast YUM YUM.

Eggs! We asked for eggs sunny side up, and scrambled. They were all served piping hot and delicious! There’s even soft-boiled eggs and poached eggs, just let the friendly service staff know your method of cooking and VOILA.

Just some of our spread :X That’s a lot for two people, ya? Hahahaha

YZ was happily tucking in as well!

Happiest with food in my tummy 😉

After the hearty breakfast (man, I almost wanted to go back for a second round because breakfast is available all the way til 11.30AM), both YZ and I had to head out for the afternoon: YZ to work and myself to choir rehearsal, but we were looking forward to heading back to Grand Hyatt for dinner at Oasis Restaurant, especially arranged for us by the hotel!

“Set amidst lush greenery in tranquil surroundings, the Grand Hyatt Singapore poolside restaurant Oasis features a delicious BBQ dinner with an open bar. Located on the 5th Level of the Terrace Wing, relax and enjoy as the chefs prepare meat and seafood selections a la minute on the open charcoal-fired grills at this Singapore restaurant. If you are looking for one of the best places in Orchard Road for a BBQ dinner, Oasis is the perfect place at which to relax.

Valet Service:  Available until 2:00 am dailyPer entry – SGD 10.00″


My idea of heaven D:

Meat and seafood are prepared on-the-spot by the chefs, and you can pick from the selection available, or make your requests to the accommodating chefs!

My first plate: There’s also salads and grilled veggies available to balance out the meat! We even had Prosecco: free-flow!

In fact the staff were so attentive they kept my glass of Prosecco full through-out my meal. Great service!!

Some grilled chicken and fish, along with veggies: more of that tasty baby tomatoes we had at breakfast, and peppers/zucchinis yums!

There’s a station where you can get fried noodles/rice cooked with ingredients of your pick!

I specially requested for this: BBQ chicken wings and they were SOOO GOOOD! Especially with that chilli sauce.

We stuffed ourselves silly on the grilled meat and seafood before ending off with some dessert:

Soft-served ice cream that was such a treat after all the BBQ food! It was surprisingly good!

There was this milk chocolate tart that was so good we went back for seconds and thirds! My diet was totally ruined hahaha. But it was so worth it 😀

That marked the end of our superb stay-cation at Grand Hyatt Singapore, and it was truly a memorable one! Special thanks to the great team (Nicole, Sandee, Indrani) for being so attentive to all our needs!

❤ ❤ ❤

Grand Hyatt Singapore 
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

Tel: +65 6738 1234

Visit Grand Hyatt’s website, or follow them on Instagram (@grandhyattsing)

❤ ❤ ❤

Dying for a holiday now 🙁

Been busy with rehearsals for SYC Ensemble Singer’s Pagdiriwang concert every day since last Wednesday, which is why I’ve been so quiet on the blog this week! Still been micro-blogging on my Instagram and Dayre, so you know where to find me if I’m not here!

If you’re bored at home, go shop SALE at TheVelvetDolls, that’s ongoing til the 11th December! 😀

Whoop whoop! 😀
Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!!


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