Hic’juice Detox Day 2

Dear Dayre,

Good morningzzz this is my breakfast! One of the yummiest juices cos it has dragon fruit, pineapple and banana so it's really sweet! And it really does taste like a smoothie.. 😨 500ml of this and I was full all the way to lunch time, three hours later. Doing good I must say!

Anyway, I only slept a few hours last night because I was rushing out photos for #thevelvetdolls launch.. Slept at almost 4am and woke up at 7.30am! 😭 Managed to churn out everything in double quick time, phew!!

Go and shop on thevelvetdolls.sg! Don't say I never share, key in XMAS5 for 5% off purchase of $50 and above! 😊

There will be self-collection tomorrow (Friday) and on Monday, for those that want to get their items in time for Christmas!

Time to go shopping, girls! 🙊

Update: I'm only on juice number 3 and it's 7pm already! 😰 Been drinking my juices too slowly lol. There's another three bottles of juice left for today, but one bottle is pure coconut water (my favorite) and the last bottle is nut milk! Whoop whoop!

This juice detox is turning out to be one of my easiest detoxes so far! Hardly any hunger pangs and food cravings are all in check. Awesome!!

Day two of detox is almost at an end, and I'm left with nut milk, the best yummy treat of the day!

Gonna go sip on my nut milk while I read a book and plan my activities for tomorrow. Last and final day of Hic'juice, hip hip hooray!

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