Happy winter solstice!

Dear Dayre,
It's Winter Solstice! ❄️❄️❄️

Eat all the 汤圆 hohoho 😋

Mummy cooked up a feast for us, including handmade 汤圆!

She says,

搓搓搓,搓汤圆, 搓了一家团团圆圆

I went to ION Orchard earlier today to collect doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts, courtesy of 8days eat! Thanks guys!! 😃

The doughnuts look super festive and happy! Brought them to Wendy's housewarming/Christmas session with some of the girlfriends to spread the love and festive cheer! ☺️

We had a merry feast with Pizza Hut and take-away sushi! 🍕🍣

Om nom!

Jiamei, Wendy, Deborah, Joyce, Steph and HJ! 👯👯👯 And the steamboat cooker we bought for Wendy's new home! 🎁✨

We did our yearly Christmas gift exchange, and I picked out @joycesayshello's gift! 😍

Jang jaaaang!!

It's a pretty lace printed VS pouch! So purdy! Thankssss Joyce! 💜

PS. My arm looks skinny in this photo! Never photoshop eh. Good angle, I like. Teeheeeee.

Dressed in #thevelvetdolls as always, I try to wear something from my own shop most of the time 😛 Gotta believe in what I'm selling, yes?

Daisies cropped top in lilac and Quilted leather skirt in black, both are already on thevelvetdolls.sg!

Also, those heels are from Zara 😍 They show off my pretty toe nails! Done at the same time I did those Christmas nails at #thenailartelier, and I love it that they're so matchy heheh.

This set of nail art is actually from December's promos! So you only have to top up $25 on top of regular nail services to get them done! 👍👍👍

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