Day 345 : Fish gets engaged!

[extracted from my Dayre!]

Dear Dayre,

YES! It’s all over!!! (The concert/performance, I mean!)

And today’s post-concert surprise.. Fish finally got proposed to yay!!! And I was so stressed for her because she was super busy today and was even running a slight fever in the evening.. The whole choir had been preempted beforehand but I had to lead the unsuspecting Fish to backstage door when the choir would break into song with Alvin appearing magically halfway through the song!

Super stressed because we had to time the choir to start singing just before I brought Fish into the backstage foyer. The cue was supposed to be a phone call to Woon, but the RECEPTION FAILED!!!

Fortunately, the choir managed to get wind of our pending approach from Bert who was 10 steps ahead of us, phew. And the silly girl was so unsuspecting that she was hungrily munching on a leftover sandwich while we were walking to the foyer.

I was like, (in desperate attempt to save Fish from that unglam moment when the backstage door opens and all eyes/cameras are on her while her mouth is half-open while chowing down a sandwich)

”FISH! We are going to eat supper already you know?! Must you eat that sandwich now??”

(Supper was another ploy to get her to dress up, because I highly suspect that without intervention, she’d end up being proposed to in our choir polo tee which I’m sure would not have been her top choice of wardrobe.)

Thank goodness the surprise went as planned, even with the fail reception -.-

And also when we heard the choir starting to sing outside the stage door, I had an opportunity to tell Fish to stuff that sandwich away because we had to join in the “rehearsing” HAHA. Fish was so tired from the hectic day she didn’t realize what was going on until she saw all the cameras and slowly recognized her friends and family who were all waiting in that cramped space for her grand appearance!

It was a SUCCESS surprise proposal!!! 

I was so happy for the girl that I was tearing halfway through the piece we were singing: “Flying Without Wings”. 

Fish just stood there, bag in one hand and sandwich in another, looking shocked out of her life HAHA.

I had to relieve her of her bag and sandwich, because it’s hard to wear a ring like that you know.

Then Alvin appeared and pretended to mock-conduct (doing a admirably terrible job by the way hahahaha), and joined in singing the last line..

“And you’re the place my life begins, and you’ll be where it ends.. I’m flying without wings..”

It was a total AWWW moment!

Followed by the usual speech, and then The Ring And The Proposal.

And She Said Yes!!!!

Right now, Fish is being whisked off for a surprise engagement-moon to Aussieland straight after the concert.. I’m so happy for her because she really deserves a good break! It was so hard for me to keep in all the secrets when she was looking so stressed and swarmed under work and choir commitments.

CONGRATULATIONS my darling Fish!

Planning a proposal is tough work man! Hahaha. I appreciate Evonne and Trish so much for being part of mine! Some of the more panicky moments that happened:

1. Alvin whatsapp-ing me when Fish was just next to me after rehearsal a few nights ago D:

2. Fish being so frazzled she didn’t even have time to do her makeup and I was very worried because this girl obviously didn’t know what was coming HAHA. And her hair was a mess! I had to casually smooth it for her without acting weird =.=

3. When the phone call FAILED because of the terrible backstage reception 


Really happy too because this is the first concert that I’ve had so many friends who came down to support!! So touched ;___; Thank you YZ (usually my one and only audience), Jiamei, Jazreel, Jessica, Byrne, Suying and Suling!

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