Boxing day

Dear Dayre,

Happy Boxing Day! Sure is gloomy weather today. I'm supposed to be working on a couple of blog posts at home but I'm not feeling very productive at all! 😴

Family time out with YZ and his family!

They're a really close-knit bunch and often have family dinners and gatherings together.

Ever since I got together with YZ, his family has been nothing but warm and welcoming to me, and they treat me like part of the family too 😊 Thankful and glad to have 'gained' such a huge and loving family together with this relationship!

A relationship is indeed not just about two parties. Over the course of the past 6 years, I've grown to become part of YZ's family and vice versa!

My family can be quite a handful to handle and YZ's relationship with my parents/family wasn't so smooth-sailing at first, especially with my dad. The two of them didn't quite get along well because of my dad's temperament.

Thank God that in the past few years, my parents have also slowly accepted YZ as my partner and part of the family. It wasn't easy at first and was very discouraging for both YZ and I, but his relationship with my family is much better now and I'm so glad he makes the extra effort to try to please my parents. Means a lot to me.

Dinner at Jpot followed by a movie with his family! They are all huge lovers of food and it's damn hard for me to control when I'm out with them for meals man. Eat until die kind 😭

I feel like a cow 🐮 cos I'm PMS-ing so bad and eating like crazy plus I'm feeling bloated and fat. This sucksssss.

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