Dear Dayre,

It's a fabulous Saturday! ✨
Because today is an absolutely free day in my schedule, which has never happened on a Saturday for like forever.

No class, no rehearsal, no event,
No nothing 😊

I'm savoring the freedom by lazing around at home, taking a nice long shower, putting on a Innisfree volcanic clay mask amongst other things. Yay!

So, yesterday's birthday dinner for the two December babies was at The Black Swan!

@jaynetham @evepek and @evonnz…..

@vaingloriousyou, @trishaliang and I!

Our starters: porcini mushroom crostini, Caesar salad, truffled egg with toast, and calamari!

They were finger-lickin' good, especially that calamari, it came with a tangy zesty cream sauce that was sedappp!

Mains: seafood linguine, black swan burger, steak and duck confit!

My favorite was the burger that Eve ordered. It was really good! Thick juicy beef patty. Seafood linguine was meh, too soggy the pasta not al dente enough 🙁

I'll probably write a more detailed post on our dinner at The Black Swan on my blog soon!

Happy birthday again, you two sexbombs! 😘

After a damn long dinner, we went over to @evepek's for KTV and chillax session! Her house is awesome cos it's damn near mine hahahaha 👍👍👍 And the birthday girl got a surprise after midnight in the form of her prince John Tham and a birthday cake! She was so happy she kept squealing like a little girl. 25 years old already hor!

Enough about them, hahahaha. I love my outfit! Plaid boxy tee and super flattering trumpet skirt, both upcoming on #thevelvetdolls! ❤️❤️❤️

I never thought trumpet skirts would look nice on me because of my wide frame and hips, but this one wraps the silhouette so nicely! ❤️

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