Dear Dayre,

TGIF! Another Friday, gone. It's only three more weeks to 2014… That's a scary thought!

Anyway, this must be one of the hugest salad I've ordered before outside. I didn't expect it to be THIS big! My dinner at toss'n'turn at ION food hall, and it cost $10.90.

Quite healthy ya but today I kind of allowed myself some little indulgences earlier πŸ˜… (@evonnz gave me a Ginza Strawberry wah like Tokyo Banana but nicer) since I'm gonna have another long night at rehearsal again..

The last week leading up to concert day is always damn exhausting zzz. There's no launch on #thevelvetdolls this week cos I'm busy, my model is busy, and even my minions are busy with school πŸ˜” Don't miss us alright, cos we'll be having a special sale this weekend woohoo! Just because it's Christmas season hohoho.

Rehearsal time!

Two and a half hours of sing sing sing 😲 Time passes quickly enough though, when you throw yourself into the beautiful music, trying to get every nuance and note to the best of your ability.

I was so annoyed because I bought a kopi-peng from the coffee shop nearby for my rehearsal caffeine boost and the coffee was so horrible today! It tasted super diluted and not nice at all. Waste of my $1.20 😠

Even kopitiam coffee different people make also got different standard one.

Rehearsal is over for the day!!! πŸŽ‰

Nothing beats a grungy road-side supper! Comfort food on a cold-ish windy night at Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles! 🍜 It's super near our current rehearsal venue, shiok.

None for me though *noms on cherry tomatoes* πŸ…

In case you missed my face (but I don't think so muahahaha)

Randomly, today I went for a slimming treatment called "Liposonix", which is a non-invasive fat-busting procedure!


Results are supposed to be optimal at 8 weeks, so I'm quite excited to see if it'll work! Targeted the treatment on my tummy and hips, and you can ideally lose up to 1" off with Liposonix!

We'll see how it goes when I return for my review in a month's time πŸ‘

Here's a video snippet from today's rehearsal! Under the baton of Jonathan Velasco also known as Jojo from the Philipines. Rehearsals have been going pretty good.

Three rehearsals down, four more to concert day! 🎼🎢🎢 Egg-citinggggg it's gonna be an awesome performance!

Tomorrow's my not-so-favorite day again, Saturday 😭

It's gonna be extra busy cos I've got an event going on: Givenchy workshop at Sephora ION from 2-5PM!

AND you can come down too as well as stand a chance to win products from Givenchy!!! 😍 The details are on my Insta, so go and check it out yah! Come down and meet me and Evonne and Candice (makeupbox) cos we'll be sharing makeup tips and there are 300 goodie bags to give-away πŸ‘

Kind of looking forward to and dreading the weekend at the same time. Oh well.


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