Dear Dayre,

Merry Christmas!!!

I woke up early to try to sneak prepare YZ's Christmas present (Bought him a new bag and wanted to surprise him by transferring the contents from his current bag into the new bag) But while I was surreptitiously unwrapping his new bag downstairs to do the deed he suddenly woke up wtf.

At least he didn't realize what I was doing (haha blur cock heng ah) so I just quickly made up some excuse and hid his present under a stack of cupcake boxes for now.


Surprise present planted and discovered!

I dragged YZ, Evonne, Trish and their partners all the way to Sentosa Quayside Isle for breakfast/brunch at 8.30am! πŸ˜…

Actually, we told @evonnz 8am because @trishaliang and I predicted that she'd be late, and she arrived right on schedule at about 8.35 πŸ˜‚

It was so quiet on the roads that we reached Sentosa in like 20 mins from my home! πŸ‘ I love it when it's so peaceful and empty on the roads in the mornings. Christmas mornings are the best cos everyone's sleeping in late.

We had a really nice breakfast/brunch together, the food was great, company was awesome and it was serene and tranquil on Christmas morning!

Super happy 😊

Overdressed for Christmas morning but I don't care πŸ™Š

Love this upcoming tie-dye maxi dress! 😊

Get in ma belly you pork belly fried eggs!!! Soooooo good!

Blackstone Eggs aka eggs benny!

I loved the soft muffin bread and the bacon was done to perfection lah! Shiok. Unfortunately, the eggs came overcooked (egg yolk was solid wtf) so we had to request for a change. The second plate was perfect!

Went back home with YZ and we ended up taking an afternoon nap then waking up again to have instant noodles for lunch.. Followed by…..

Dinner with YZ's family!

Omgggggg I'm gonna die from eating too much.

I bet I put on like 3kg over the past week already 😭😭😭

Just ended the feast with YZ's family and we wrapped it up with Meiji ice cream bought from NTUC! Yummmmmmmmm!

I'm more stuffed than a Christmas turkey right now 😰

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