Dear Dayre,

So I was supposed to break fast "properly" by slowly introducing solid food back into my diet healthily, but I am ashamed to admit that I succumbed to the evil temptations of… CHOCOLATE CAKE.

I am so going to dieters' hell.


No! I am not going to give up! The rest of this weekend will be as clean as possible. No more cakes. πŸ˜’

Now I feel so guilty 😒 Why can't I have stronger willpower????

Yesterday, I attended ORBIS's new store opening at Bishan Junction 8! Which is only about 10 mins away from my place via bus. Awesome or what?

@evonnz was supposed to be there with me, but she had last minute work to rush so I went by myself 😭

Luckily, I ran into @tokyomodeaddict at the event! Thanks for keeping me company, Yukie! 😊

ORBIS looks like a really promising brand, & I'm especially interested in their Petit Shake meal replacements!

Evonne loves them. Excited to try 'em too!!

ORBIS is a Japanese beauty brand, (think along the lines of FANCL/DHC) and I hear from Yukie (who's half Japanese) that they are very prominent in Japan!! Very exciting that this brand is now available in Singapore.

Their store at Junction 8 is located at 01-46!

These are the Petit Shakes that I'm talking about! They come in many different flavors and look totally yummy! There are seasonal flavors too like Caramel Pumpkin Pudding, Double Berries White Chocolate etc.

Where got meal replacement sound so yummy one? 😍

What I brought home from ORBIS: yay Petit Shakes! The Japanese Melon and Yuzu Honey flavors sound so appetizing 😁 Gonna try one soon!

You're supposed to mix it with milk, but I don't really take milk so I bought soy milk instead. Hopefully it'll still taste ok!

WUDDDD new Christmas stickers!!! Lolol too cute! 😍

I have been very blessed to have Christmas surprises delivered to my doorstep almost daily the past week, with little gifts from all my favorite beauty brands!

So thankful for each and every gift, I'm really honored and happy to be the recipient of so much generosity! πŸ’—

I love the beautiful products sent over by Shiseido. That eyeshadow palette is so pretty and check out the Macquillage Aura Brillance set! 😍 Can't bear to use em….

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