Dear Dayre,

Supper at Seng Kee!

Was so busy I didn't update the entire day.. I had back-to-back appointments: #Laneige media event in the afternoon followed by #SlimCouture session followed by #SYCensemblesingers rehearsal 😴

Happy and full (but slightly guilty) after supper, though I stayed within my dietary restrictions (fish, chicken and veggies), supper isn't usually encouraged on a diet.. MEH.

Rehearsals are on the whole week 😭 Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after after tomorrow and all the way until Wednesday (concert day) 😭

So happy I have friends attending the concert this time round!! ❤️❤️❤️ My ticket sales are notoriously poor amongst all the choir members, because I don't have any "ex-choir" friends. Everyone always manages to sell tons of tickets while I have a grand total of 1 regular concert attendee: YZ 😂

But yay! This time round I've got some pretty awesome people who love me! Really happy to have my friends who are coming down to support and attend the concert next week! 😊


I'm on the papers these few days for an Olympus ad! Didn't see it myself but a couple of people told me/sent me a picture. Lol it is still strange to spot myself on printed media but I suppose it's quite cool yah.

Right now, I'm on the way home and I'm gonna go wash up and fall asleep as soon as I can manage it. Sigh I have an overdue advertorial but I don't think I have the energy to churn it out tonight 😔

I can't wait for concert day to be overrr.

Over and out, good night!✨🌜

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