Dear Dayre,

Breakfast at noon! What an indulgence. I actually woke up early (like 7ish?), did some work on the computer, and went back to sleep til 10am 😴 One of the perks of being self-employed, I dictate my own working hours!

So today I'm determined to:

1. Get a lot of work done
2. Eat healthily
3. Get through tonight's rehearsal without any caffeine.

Sounds do-able, right? 💪

Update before I crash for the night!

1. Got work done! New blog post up plus some sneak previews for #thevelvetdolls upcoming collection on Facebook 😊😊😊

2. Ate very healthily today: fruits, tuna and cherry tomatoes! 💪 But I did have a piece of candy 😅 Other than that, all good!!

3. Was sorely tempted by the seductive thought of a caffeine and sugar induced high when I walked past the coffeeshop before rehearsal earlier but I resisted, mind over body woohoo!

Now I'm off to bed before I undo any good I did today. Lol. Tomorrow's finally concert day so I need my sleep!


Nighty night!


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