Dear Dayre,

I received a surprise Christmas pressie today from the girlfriends @trishaliang and @evonnz! ❤️ And the first thing I told them was, "I never get you all anything leh!" And they just went like AIYA it's okay! We never get each other anything also.



If you're wondering what they got me, it's an aroma diffuser from MUJI that I've been wanting to get for ages! Evonne knows I've been eyeing it for some time so I suppose they decided they would get it for me instead! 😍

It's not very cheap so I feel very touched 😭


Love you all loads not because you all buy me expensive present but cos money can't buy me friendships like you two!

Actually, I feel really damn blessed.

I am surrounded by so many kind and sweet friends! I'm not a particularly good friend (I don't remember birthdays,
I'm bad at replying texts, I'm not even a super nice person honestly I think I am an acquired taste and not everyone can be friends with me.)

But all my friends all so love! Just like this minced beef pie that @shiberty delivered to my doorstep on Christmas Eve! Cos I told her I loved it so much at her Christmas dinner and I missed it already.

Another present I received this Christmas is a book by one of my long-time friends, Elaine, we've been friends for almost 10 years! Wasn't expecting a present at all so I was really very touched.

Maybe you're thinking that it's very common to receive presents for Christmas, but thing is I don't even get anyone Christmas presents (exception being YZ).

But many of my close friends actually thought of me and got me presents all close to my heart 😭😭😭

Means so much to me.

This sticker/emoticon but in a good way.

I've never been in any "clique" since my school days, and have always hovered on the borders of different groups of friends, none of which I really felt like I belonged in. Other girls my age were always very different from me and I found it hard to really connect with them on a deeper level.

I'm so thankful that over the years, I've actually found friends for keeps, and these people I actually feel like they love me for who I am and really can "click" with!

Probably because I grew up without that many close friends, so I don't expect anything from my friends but they always pass the "Friendship Test" with "Exceeds Expectations" and "Outstanding" 😂

Thank you God, for sending so many angels to be around me!

Spent the day in town running errands and shopping with these two! It was quite a fruitful day, I bought myself a nice coat for HK this Saturday and a pair of pretty shoes, all on sale! Yay! Super crowded in town for a Monday though.

We met for lunch, shopped til dinner time, and had Imperial Treasure steamboat for dinner. 😨

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