Dear Dayre,

I love my mother, but today she said something that really set me off and got me riled up real good.

I was just innocently looking for a microwaveable bowl to heat up some canned tuna, and I said that I didn't want to damage the microwave or something with the wrong bowl?

And my mother said:

Spoil then you buy me a new one lor? You got a lot of money anyway what!

I know it was just a flippant remark, but I just couldn't, COULDN'T take it lying down.

And I replied her, "So I have a lot of money and I didn't work hard for my money??? You mean my money fell down from the sky? NO right? Even if I have money, it's because it's hard-earned, you know???"


It's not that I want to even shout at my mother, because she is really a wonderful person, but I just don't get this mentality. I think I was more hurt than anything because of the way she said it,

It sounded like she felt that my money was easy money, and I was rich and had it all good. Just because she sees me at home often when I'm working from home on my laptop, or sees me doing "glamorous" things like attending events, or appearing on magazines and all that.

Why can't she appreciate that I WORK HARD for my money too? And the worst part is I'm NOT even half as rich as she thinks I am.

So last month or thereabouts, I passed some unwanted skincare and makeup products to sissy to sell at her flea. I asked her to sell off the products cheap, and she cleared them all for $60.

Most of the products were sent by brands and either only barely used or brand-new, but I have so many products I couldn't possibly get around to using them all.

So I told sissy that we'll split the money half half, which is like $30. And apparently my mother TOLD SISSY NOT TO GIVE ME ANY OF THE MONEY.

Because she thinks I'm a gold mine and I'm rolling in money, and I don't need that $30.

I was so angry I cried, because I just couldn't take the injustice of it all.


It's true that I don't need that $30, but it's a matter of principle!

Those skincare/makeup products are mine and sent by companies to me not just "for free", but because I review the products, do advertorials, and all that. They didn't just magically appear on my doorstep! I worked hard to get to this stage too, where I'm fortunate enough to have companies sending me products on a regular basis.

I always always share the products with my mum and sisters, who usually take whatever products they want from my stash.

In fact, my mother even gave away all her old cheaper perfumes because she's now using the "branded" perfumes that I always pass to her after I've taken my product pictures/done my reviews.

And she had the gall to say: Those products were sent to you free what, so just give the money to your sister, so 计较 for what?

Yes I shouldn't be 计较.

Because I'm so lucky to be earning alot of money and I'm rolling in cash and get free products all the time.

Because all I do is wait for my money to magically drop from the sky.

Because I'm so stingy I can't even let my sister keep a $30.

I told her, I always bring back clothes from TVD for the sissys to wear, it's not like I charge them? And every piece of clothing costs money you know?

And the best thing she said is "Lucky I don't keep any clothes from TVD because if not you'd be holding that against me too."

Gek sim. 嗨 😪

I just wanna say this. I work HARD for my money.

Okay I had to vent out my emotions somewhere!

Now I'm just gonna pretend nothing happened. Except maybe from today on my mom's gonna think I'm rich and gei gao AND have a nasty temper to boot.


At the end of the day, I still love my mother very much and appreciate her a whole lot, I just wish she understands and appreciates that I work hard for my money too instead of making baseless assumptions about me being so rich I don't even dare to tell her how much I earn?


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