2013 is drawing to a close, and this year has been an important one for me.

Work-wise, #thevelvetdolls has made it through another year, and have had major changes to go through: new website, new office, and so much is still an ongoing work-in-progress, that I hope that 2014 will see through to greater heights! I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing that is TVD! Thankful too, for all the support from beautiful customers. It's amazing to have all of you!

Blogging-wise, it has been a fruitful year, not because of endorsements or sponsorships or advertorials, but because I truly realized how much I can connect to readers out there with my thoughts and feelings, and it is something that's extra meaningful and encouraging to me. Each and every comment, email or message left by a reader, be it long or short, leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart and motivates me to carry on sharing honest and heartfelt entries.

On a more personal note, 2013 has been an extraordinary year. Friendships have only gotten better and I've made a few more friendships for keeps, you all know who you are! I am infinitely grateful for all of you, for showering love on me, for accepting me the way I am and gifting me with the wonderful treasure of companionship and taking me into confidence. May next year be an even greater witness to friendship!

Last but certainly not least, 2013 has seen my relationship tide through some difficult times (I talked about it on Day 358 of my Dayre) and emerge stronger and more resilient than before. And the one huge milestone of 2013 would have to be my engagement! In exactly one year's time, it's gonna be the big wedding day! Moving on to the next phase of life could not be any more exciting, especially with this man who loves me more than anything and is working hard for our future together.

Happy 2014, and may the new year bring about more happiness, more laughter, and more love!

12 minutes to a new book. Write a good one!

What an awesome quote!

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