Dear Dayre,

It's a gloomy-looking Monday but the gloom ain't getting me down, what a perfect excuse to break out all my new knits! 🙊

Wore this rainbow speckled knit that's upcoming on #thevelvetdolls yesterday; the tweed skirt in wine is another new piece yet to be launched! There's too many pretty things coming for year-end and it's getting me so excited heh.

I'm loving the play of different textures, furry knit on tweed! 😍 Also, I've been wearing my new watch from #nakedglory almost everyday, it's such a versatile classic.

It's #SlimCouture day again today, and it's really saaaad my measurements have not been going down for the past couple of sessions! 😪 Y-U-SO-STUBBORN, fats? Only four more sessions less and I'm supposed to lose another 2-3kg by the end of four sessions.

After seeing myself for real in a wedding gown yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that I seriously need to lose that couple of spare pounds! 😫

Thank God the actual wedding day is still a year away! *phew*

Though the wedding is still one year away (13 months to be exact..!), yesterday's first experience at a bridal studio has sparked off a thrill of excitement already hehe.. Spent the morning discussing about gowns, pre-wedding shoots and other wedding related topics with my girlfriends "at work"!

I don't think I will turn into an overly-obsessive "Bride-zilla", but now that the date has been set, everything feels so much more concrete than it did a couple of months ago.

Let's hope I won't eat back my words about turning Bride-zilla in a few months time.

One more outfit picture just because.

(I played cheat to post this in the same Dayre entry since it's past midnight 🙊)

Last one for the night 👋👋👋

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