Can I lose weight faster, please?

Dear Dayre,

Nowadays, whenever I wake up on Mondays and Thursdays, I'm always a mixture of excitement and nerves. U-No-Y?

Because Monday and Thursday are designated #SlimCouture Days, when I go for my twice weekly TCM sessions at Slim Couture…….. And EVERY SINGLE SESSION, there is a weigh-in as well as measurement taking.

It's like The Moment Of Truth.

I'm taking this weight loss thing pretty seriously now, because my pre-wed shoot in Taiwan (got conned into signing up for a package at one of those atrium fairs) will be in April, which is only a few months away! 😨

But honestly, the progress so far has been really encouraging!

Because measurements are taken consistently by my therapist every session, I can really see how much I've lost in terms of actual cm loss, & it's quite incredible. I've already lost 8cm off my waist! 😱 Also 4.5cm off my arms, & 5cm off my thighs!

I can't really see a huge difference yet, but @evonnz said my thighs looked smaller yesterday! I quote her word for word, "AIYA, trust me. I'm a designer!" *flips blonde hair*


Admittedly, I was very fat to begin with (HAHA.) but it is indeed heartening to know that there's been progress since I started treatment on Oct 17.

At the same time though, I dread every single weigh-in.. That feeling of impending doom is worse than getting your papers back for a test you didn't study hard enough for. Lolol.


My session later is at 5pm. I'm very worried because I had 海底捞 late last night. Although all I ate was like a ton of veggies and some fish/chicken.


We started dinner at 11PM and ended dinner at like 1.30AM. These girls are crazy but I love them!

This also means that I cannot eat the Tokyo Banana and 白色恋人 that @evonnz got for me from Japan.. YET. 😭

Post #slimcouture session update: SAD.

I lost a negligible amount of weight from last session, but my measurements have increased a bit, and I blame it on late dinner last night causing water retention.


That's it, having my dinner (roast chicken with salad) now and I am not eating anything else for tonight except my cherry tomatoes!

I hate it when I hit my weight plateau (53kg). It's so hard for me to go beyond this weight! I need a break through pleeeaseeee!


Okay guys.

I'm sorry I lied. That quarter roast chicken didn't come close to filling my tummy because all I had today was 3 kiwis and some cherry tomatoes.

So I had 重庆烤鱼 for late dinner together with YZ… 😅

I guess, it's just grilled fish.. Right? #自欺欺人

Tomorrow will be a better day. 😭

Lastly, blogged day 3 of Hong Kong on my blog! Dayre is awesome for micro-blogging, but my blog is even awesomer so go read the latest entries on my Hong Kong trip!

I love the quilted leather skirt from #thevelvetdolls! Launching next collection 😀

Signing off for the night, and I promise to be good tomorrow.

Good night!

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