November Updates + Laksa at Town Restaurant

Hello, it’s Monday again!

Time always seems to be flying past me faster than I can fathom 🙁 It’s already been two days since I came back from Hong Kong, and oh yes, it’s back to the daily grind again!

Getting slightly stressed out because this month is quite a jam-packed period: It’s moving office time for The Velvet Dolls and I’ve barely started with the renovation since I was away last week! *tears out hair* In these few weeks time, I need to transform the new space into a functional office, as well as do the huge shift over.. You have no idea how many bags of stocks there are in the current office. It is pandemonium and looks like World War III happened, right in there. And it’s not exactly like I can take a hiatus because whilst renovation is on-going, TVD still has got to run and have its regular launches too. Thankful for my staff who assist me so much with running the daily ops, it really takes a huge load off my mind and hands!

At the same time, I have an insanely long list of backlogged blog posts 🙁 Somehow, there is never quite enough time to get down to taking product shots for beauty posts, editing photos for lifestyle/food posts, and the writing itself: it takes me hours and hours to come up with a blog entry! I often get writer’s block, staring at a blank screen for minutes, stumped for words. Meh.

How I wish there was some advanced USB cable that I could plug right into my brain, that would pull out everything I wanted to say and tell y’all, and format it into a coherent blog post! Alas, no such luck there. Hahahahah. Must have gotten that idea from watching Pacific Rim on the airplane to Hong Kong. Which I thought was a pretty entertaining movie! Much more so than Man of Steel (we watched that on the way back) which had us bored to sleep, or maybe we were just too tired.

I decided it’s always easier to do the “bite-sized” blog entries one by one, so I’ll start with a not so challenging post with some photos from a lunch session I attended last month at Town Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel!

❤ ❤ ❤

This session was part of the Wish Dish Singapore campaign, which I’ve blogged about earlier here

The signature Laksa at Town was really slurpilicious, I don’t go out of my way to have Laksa usually, (the calories make me feel guilty) but as a true blue Singaporean, I love Laksa! 😀 Further more, it was for helping out with a good cause because 100% of all sales proceeds of the Laksa would go to charity! 🙂

Rice vermicelli, prawns, quail eggs, bean curd puff, spicy coconut gravy. Along with mackerel otah, and some really awesome sambal chilli!!!

The gravy was definitely the best part. Thick, spicy and oh-so-flavorful! I loved it!

*Note: This was before I started my diet. Hahaha. No more Laksa for me, for the time-being.

Just for your information, Town Restaurant is very well-known for their buffet selection, which is affordable and of good quality! I had a field day over the desserts, and I wished I didn’t have so much laksa because I was toooo full to have any more savoury food!

Local desserts, Evonne finished these off in no time!

Just SOME of what’s available from the buffet selection. Which is to say, way too many. 

I FELL IN LOVE. Bread and butter pudding is something I relish to bits and pieces, but it’s not available everywhere! I went back for second helpings of this with their ice cream, also included in the buffet selection :X #whatdiet #dietfail

I don’t know the exact price of Town’s buffet, but I believe that it’s one of the best value-for-money quality buffets around! Worth checking out if you’re looking for an international buffet restaurant.

❤ ❤ ❤

One with my hottie girlfriend!

My lips look a little scary here cos of the colour editing, and also cos my lips are still kinda puffy and peely due to Roaccutane, but I swear the lip colour is so gorgeous in real life! Laneige’s Silk Intense Lipstick in LR208 (Sound Mix). Very moisturising formula that glides on with a super pigmented tone! Bright pink lipsticks are my new fetish with it comes to lip products. They just immediately brighten up any look!

Anyway, I tried to change my parting that day, and I ended up looking kind of weird. Please pardon me hahahaha.

Outfit: Embossed top from Miss Selfridge, denim paperbag skirt (Acid Wash, size M) from The Velvet Dolls, flats from Jeffrey Campbell, PVS!

Definitely one of my new favourite denim skirts. I love love the wash, as well as the paper bag finish at the waist, that’s really flattering! It comes in two washes, and the preview for this collection is up on TheVelvetDolls Facebook page! 🙂

The shoes deserve a close-up as well because they are too chio! Expensive too 🙁 But I really liked them, so I decided to splurge a little and got them! 😀

Gonna head to bed now, so that I can start work early tomorrow! Toodles!


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