Dear Dayre,

Is it wrong to dislike pretentiousness?

Just wondering, lol.

Anyways! I'm gonna edit as many photos as I can before I crash! So now you know, #thevelvetdolls launch is tomorrow. Teehee

And… This is what my Monday night looks like.

Toodles! Off to bed I go. Rest of the photos tomorrow morning!

So this was yesterday: I went crazy shopping at Audio House Liang Court.. 50% off second item store-wide!!

Even QQ's excited about my purchases. I bought electronic shavers for Daddy and YZ, original price was $319 but only paid $479 for two! 😊 These two will make Daddy and YZ very happy.

For myself, I bought… A camera! 😍 And one for Min too because she lucked out and was texting me abt getting a new camera just the day before. Good deals to share all around.

Happy or what?!

Excuses to buy a new camera always make me happy.

Look who else is happy too.

ANYWAY again. Another pic from yesterday, Nuffnang Insights Launch Party with bloggers @valerielim @qiuqiu & @xiaxue! Also our dear regional director @davienne, whom I have a lot to thank for bringing me into Nuffnang 3 years ago.

I mean, standing on the same ground as Miss Singapore Universe Val, super popular Budget Barbie Qiu & Xiaxue herself?

I never would have thought it. Not me, not in a million years. Lol.

Gratitude abound.


Do you all hate me? 😔

So I've been using a borrowed iPhone 5 that used to belong to my mom that used to belong to my dad…

And these are the kind of photos that were populating the camera roll..

1. My mother is possibly more of a cam-whore than me
2. And definitely more vain.
3. Posing with a pineapple: whole new level ya

I really love my mother, I think she's one-of-a-kind.

A cup of home-made Milo Dinosaur makes everything better. You like it too?

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