Dear Dayre,


Yes. That is a picture of my aircon unit.

For the past few days, the poor staff at #thevelvetdolls and #megagamie have been tolling in the hot, stuffy, aircon-less office, and sweating by the buckets.

So glad the aircon is finally up!

Even though the rest of the office is still a huge mess 😔

My goal is to get the office looking all cosy and homely by Christmas! Then I can throw a Christmas party in office woohoo. 🎉

It's dinner time and I'm at Gim Tim Restaurant for a food-tasting session!

I'm so fungryyyyy I could eat everything! Actually, just greedy. Hohoho.

Awesome way to end a Friday night 😊


Young Coconut Pudding that's so silky smooth and melt-in-the-mouth! 😍 Creation of Chef Lai at Gim Tim Restaurant and I swear this was so good I finished everything (despite my diet).

It's like soft smooth jelly pudding with a lingering coconut fragrance, with diced mixed fruit and mango purée garnishing!

I'm gonna turn vegetarian for the next two days to make up for tonight 😔

We were presented with these nostalgic little trinkets: mini brooches and postcards made to resemble childhood memorabilia of our past!

Anyone remember these jotter books and blue note books? 😁 I remember having the blue notebook but as I was so bad and inconsistent at actually keeping note of anything, I never finished using a single one 😅 I think I may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder!

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