Dear Dayre,

Today, I had dinner with my parents. So much for my diet.. Sigh.

So we had steamboat and zhi char at Toa Payoh.

Whenever my parents ask me out for a meal, I always make a point to make time for it if possible, because it struck me that one day, I may not have this luxury of spending time with them anymore.

At some point of time in life, it hit me that parents are, alas, not incognito superheroes without their capes and underpants, but mere mortals of flesh and blood.

Good night.

The end of a loooong long day.. Just ended with a nail appointment at my favorite nail salon #thenailartelier! Jenrine makes my nails look so good.. ALL THE TIME.

Every time I leave #thenailartelier, I look like this:

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