SilkBath: Defy Dryness Naturally!

What’s the most important part of your day to you?

This question may sound rather open-ended, and for me, I always try to make sure that I’m making full use of every single minute of my day! This doesn’t mean to say that I’m working non-stop throughout the day, but rather, I am wholly involved with each and every activity that I’m doing, be it enjoying a meal, working on my computer, spending time with my loved ones etc. My motto in life is pretty simple like that: I hate wasting time on unhappiness, and I love it best when I’m doing something that is a source of pleasure and happiness to me! 🙂

What is really important in my daily routine that prepares me for a good day/night ahead though, is probably one of the most underrated and unappreciated simple pleasures in living: A luxurious, piping hot shower!

The first thing I always look forward to doing right when I wake up is popping myself under the shower! It wakes me up and mentally prepares me for a day of productivity ahead, and it’s the same when I reach home from a long day of activities outside. Getting myself clean and fresh with a nice long shower, washing away the grime and dirt, and really, just relaxing in the comforting warmth of running water is one of the simple pleasures I adore. (I cannot do cold showers, I like my water steaming hot!)

And you know, not all shower gels are made alike! Some of the things that I look for in a shower product:

1. Must feel clean but not to the extent that my skin feels dry and stripped of moisture

2. Must feel moisturising and be luxuriously foamy but still easy to wash off

3. Must have nice scent!!!

4. Must contain natural ingredients

Some times, it’s quite hard to strike a balance, if you know what I mean. Like bar soap feels super squeaky clean, but it just leaves my skin feeling terribly dry. And then you have those super foamy and luxurious feeling type of shower gel, but even after rinsing off, there’s this weird sensation like you have a slippery layer that can’t be washed away. You also have the ones that smell overly-perfumed and give you a headache, bah. #firstworldproblems

Finding an affordable shower gel (Shower gel need to use daily leh! Got to be practical, right?) that meets all of my criteria is pretty tough, but I found Silkpro’s SilkBath Botanics!

In fact, SilkBath Botanics doesn’t just match up to my own criteria, but gives me even more!

SilkBath has been around since 2005, and its latest formula boasts to Defy Dryness Naturally. I’m sure a lot of people out there are like me and are guilty of not devoting more care when it comes to using body care products. I really cannot be bothered with lathering on products like body cream/moisturizer and the works daily. It’s just a lot of effort… And I admit it, I’m simply lazy :X

However, most of us spend a huge portion of our time in dry, air-conditioned environments, which leads to ugly and scaly looking dry skin! And this is when I have to start raving about SilkBath  Botanics‘s moisturizing properties, and mention NMF!

What is NMF and what does it do?

NMF is something found on the outer layer of our skin, clinically known as Natural Moisturising Factor. The NMF in the skin help to preserve water or hydration within the epidermis by attracting and holding water .

NMF acts as a first line of defence against premature aging, skin damage and infection. The skin barrier has a water content of 10 – 20 % for maintaining healthy, supple and elastic skin. Aging, diet, excessive sun exposure, frequent showering and prolonged stay in air-conditioned places impairs our NMF.

I don’t want to bore you to tears or confuse you with too much jargon, but trust me on this, NMF is something that’s very important to keep your skin supple and moisturised! And that of course, helps to prevent sagging and other skin concerns (like loss of elasticity, premature aging etc) caused by lack of moisture in our skin.

The problem with showering is that it actually strips the skin of NMF and moisture, and that’s why SilkBath Botanics is so awesome, it actually CONTAINS NMF to help replenish and restore NMF back to your skin, keeping your skin healthy and balanced naturally with lots of moisture!

The new SilkBath Botanics unique formulation includes: Moisture Aid+, a special blend of all-natural ingredients, including Silk, NMF and pure argan oil.

Pure argan oil is a new ingredient in the SilkBath Botanics formula! If you do your research, you’d know that Argan Oil is really good for you. It has healing, protection and even anti-aging properties!

On top of it all, SilkBath Botanics‘s key features include:

Easy Rinse 

Botanical Extracts

UV protection

Rich in Anti Oxidants

pH Balanced

There are even FOUR different SilkBath Botanics formulations, all with different botanical extracts to better suit your requirements!

Anti-Bacterial that’s great for active people or even sports people (Am gonna give this to my sissy Lina who spends a lot of time training and running around!)

It contains Tea Tree Oil & Farnesol to eliminate bacterial build-up on the skin!

Extra Lighten is for those with lightening/brightening concerns! You don’t just want to use lightening products on your face while the skin on your body remains dull and dark, right? 😛

It comes with Grape seed, Vitamin B3 and Rosemary for their brightening capabilities.

Soothing Balance is a gentler formulation that’s less rich, great for soothing and relieving skin!

It’s enriched with Vanilla and Blue Daisy to smoothen and soothe the skin! 🙂

Ultra Nourish is my preferred formulation and I guess the name speaks for itself, it helps to nourish extra dry skin!

It contains Cherry Blossom and Rose Hip to deeply nourish dry skin, and also has anti-oxidant properties!

❤ ❤ ❤

Been showering with the SilkBath Botanics Ultra Nourish and been enjoying every moment of it! It’s luxurious and foamy, but rinses off easily while leaving my skin feeling supple and soft! It isn’t harsh on the skin too, thanks to all the natural ingredients. It also smells fantastic!

Love the smooth and creamy consistency that lathers into foam easily.

❤ ❤ ❤

Here’s a treat for you readers! Redeem a 200ml of SilkBath Botanics Soothing Balance for yourself to try out by simply doing the following:

Step 1: LIKE SilkproSG Facebook page

Step 2: PM SilkproSG the unique code to redeem a free gift (200ml Soothing Balance)

*gift will be replaced with another product of similar value if stock runs out

*only applicable to those resides within Singapore.

*Until 31st October 2013

SilkBath Botanics will be available in all major supermarkets and hypermarts in October! It’s now exclusively available at NTUC Fairprice.

You can also visit SilkBath’s website to find out more about SilkBath 🙂

Defy Dryness Naturally today with SilkBath!


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