Selamat Medan! Vera's Wedding

Hello hello!

Been very very insanely busy the last week due to the massive TheVelvetDolls (in conjunction with AforArcade, Megagamie and LilyPirates) warehouse sale that happened last weekend, events, appointments, and the likes!

Mega, Simin, myself, Yingdan, Vera and Widya! (We miss you in this photo, Min!)

The warehouse sale was a massive piece of work, and we’re still suffering from the aftermath now, trying to pack and organise the stocks back into a semblance of order, HAHA. The stocks were going for $10 and $15 on the first two days, and we decided to do a crazy grab bag sales of 10 for $50 on Monday! Admittedly it was quite heart-wrenching to see all the good quality apparel go at such low prices, but I hope they’ll find new homes with happy owners!

To all the wonderfully awesome customers who spent hours queuing outside, or even came back day after day, thank you so much!!! I hope that everyone snagged up some really great buys, and had a fun time shopping with us! We’ll be back again with another warehouse sale.. hopefully not too far away in the near future!

What with all the work and appointments, I don’t think I’ve even sat down at my laptop properly for at least a week, let alone blog. Whenever I reach home, the first thing I do after a nice hot shower is to plonk down on my bed, and usually read a bit of Harry Potter before I fall asleep. (I’m currently re-reading the entire series hehe and I’m on The Half-Blood Prince at the moment! Did you know that it’s actually good to do some light reading before bed-time as it helps your body get ready for bed, as opposed to using your computer or other electronic devices?)

I’ve also been spending a lot of time with YZ whenever I have free pockets in my schedule, which includes our evenings and sometimes mornings. We’ve been trying to eat healthily again of late (this is a non-stop vicious cycle… but oh well) and I’ve even honed up a little on my kitchen skills, to prepare some simple and healthy meals together with YZ! 😀 I feel really domesticated haha. But in a good way! Maybe I won’t make that bad a housewife after all 😛

Just to show off some of my prettier meals.. (The ugly ones don’t make it to Instagram, of course)

Simple breakfast of Greek yogurt drizzled with honey, topped with fresh fruits and a sprinkling of nuts! Yum!

Rather proud of this Smoked Salmon and Spinach Omelette with fresh cherry tomatoes on the side that I whipped up for breakfast a couple days ago! Nutritious and yummy teehee. I could get used to eating like this all the time 🙂

In other recent news, I was part of my cuzzie Tracy’s wedding as well, which was held at W Hotel last Sunday! My sisters and I were bridesmaids, and we woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the gatecrash. Weddings are no easy affairs, geez. And I have to start planning for my own wedding soon, too! What an unnerving thought. Sighhhh.

Our radiant cousin, Tracy, with us four bridesmaids all decked out in TheVelvetDolls’ upcoming maxi dress design!

(Credits to Nicole’s Instagram!)

The wedding lunch itself was held at the beautiful ballroom of W Hotel, Sentosa, and we had our first march-in after sailing into the dock of W Hotel on a yacht, while the guests cheered and popped confetti over us from above! Super grand entrance, yah? It was pretty cool! Congratulations to John Ji, my newly christened cousin-in-law, and Tracy! ^.^

Alright, enough rambling on of my recent happenings, and back to the main content of this blog post: it’s a continuation of our Medan travelogues, with part one here.

❤ ❤ ❤

Day 2: The Wedding

❤ ❤ ❤

Apparently, Chinese weddings are the same everywhere, even in Siantar! The morning of the wedding began with a gate crash and tea ceremony for the to-be-wed couple, and right after breakfast at the hotel (an experience like no other, really), we were driven over to the family house and got our first glimpse of our beautiful bride looking like a million bucks in her gorgeous gown.

The couple paying respects to their ancestors

Getting red packets from Papa and Mama Ng.

A little breather before the tea ceremony and we all furiously snapped away at our resplendent bride and groom!

Whilst the couple and family went about their necessary rituals, we were resolute on looking the part of Indon tai-tais for the night, so off we went to the neighbourhood hair salon to get our hair done in true-blue Siantar fashion!

The hair salon looked like it was teleported into 2013 right out of the 80’s era, what with neon green and yellow frontage, ancient looking furniture and decor, and even a decrepit TV console playing old karaoke songs! And so did our hairdos, after the lady boss was done with us. Hahahahaha. 

Mine wasn’t too bad, honestly. But some of the other girls were horrified at the outcome of their tresses D: Well, no permanent harm done because we did manage to salvage everyone’s hairstyles, much to our disgrace when we bumped into the salon owner at the wedding dinner. “AIYOooo, what happened to your hair?!”

A street hawker selling Chee Cheong Fan on the streets! Such a novelty to us.

I’ve never seen Chee Cheong Fan prepared in this way before, served in a banana leaf with hot spicy sauce, and a generous heaping of fried shallots and garnishing!

Street food is always yummy!

Bombastic hairstyles, yo.

We then headed back to our hotel, where we spent the rest of the afternoon performing emergency hair operations, and getting our game faces onnnnnn!

No pictures of that, we were too busy making ourselves pretty. Hehehe.

And finally… THE BIG NIGHT.

Less words and more pictures, because I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, okay? But needless to say, we were blubbering all over at every given opportunity during the wedding. Too sweet to handle! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The dinner was held at a ginormous hall that sat like one hundred tables or something?! It was crazy magnificent! Grandest wedding of the century.

There was even a panning video camera wtf. The decor of the hall was incredibly grand! So this is how they do it in Siantar. HAHAHA. #winalreadylor

Our pretty sisters, Mega and Wid! Awwwww. They were looking just as beautiful and elegant!

Lots of pretty and delicious bites from the candy bar!

I thought the set-up of the entrance hall was beautiful, it was made to look like the interior of an elegant Victorian house in tiffany and white hues, and there were gorgeous photos of the couple framed and displayed all around!

When the couple walked in during the first march-in and we all started sniffing away already. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Vera’s gown was breath-taking too! She was every bit the part of the ravishing bride!

Panning camera in action HAHAHA Yingdan damn funny.

And they had a slow and romantic dance right in the middle of the hall… *cue opening floodgates of tears*

So sweet until cannot seriously.

Cake-cutting ceremony! The cake was HUGEEEE. I believe only a small portion is real, the rest is fondant and styrofoam 😛

Very random, but they even had a lucky draw during the wedding dinner HAHAHAHA omg first ever! Though of course none of us won anything. (The top prize was a motorbike wtf)

Fuji instax! Love these beautiful girls!

The throwing of the wedding bouquet!

And the last two pictures.. My beauty queens, the lovely ladies of my eye! What a tremendous night we had the privilege to witness, a celebration of love, and of friendship.

Words can’t describe our happiness at seeing our beloved friend walk down that aisle with such grace and beauty, moving on to the next stage of life with a partner who would be cherishing her and loving her for the wonderful person she is, for the rest of their days together. To our dear Verawati / Mrs Lucas, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and married bliss with Wilson! You deserve only the best!


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