Selamat Medan! Off to Lake Toba

I previously blogged about Day 1 and Day 2 of our Medan/Siantar trip, so here’s the last and final instalment.. Day 3 to Lake Toba!

Lake Toba is actually a very very famous lake/super volcano near Medan, and I had a lot of fun reading up on interesting facts on Lake Toba before we went down! For instance, did you know that Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world? D: 

Because it’s a drive away from Siantar, we had to rise with the roosters at 7am! Woke up so groggy and sleepy, but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Lake Toba. And our poor bride Vera must have been dead tired after her big day, but she insisted on going along with us aiyo. It was so hard to drag ourselves out of bed but we managed to, eventually! 😛

First order of business to be dealt with of course.. Breakfast! Authentic Siantar fare too! 😀

Cruised our way along a number of tiny alley ways… To a little shop that sells Siantar’s famous Mee Pangsit, their version of dumpling noodles.

Jamie chatting up the shopkeeper! Lol

Pre-breakfast shots!

Breakfast making-in-progress!

Our bowls and bowls of Mee Pangsit 😀 

My favourite breakfast food, porridge!

Some tofu and cracker thing?

Our food!

I thought the noodles were springy and good, but the kway tiao version was even better, cos the kuay tiao absorbed the flavours of the dish so well!

Check out all the sleepy faces lol. But very happy to have breakfast!

Our Indon girls and boys arrived shortly, all looking just as tired as us. Hahahaha

Poor things had to wake up so early because they wanted to bring us to Lake Toba! Thank youuuuu we love you!

The drive to Lake Toba didn’t take really very long, and we arrived at Lake Toba some time in the early afternoon. It was a gloomy day with some rain though, so the view of the lake and mountains was obscured and wasn’t as pretty as we wished. Nonetheless, the lake was magnificent!

Dressed in Lattice Cut-Out Dress in Coral from TheVelvetDolls! Just newly launched today so go and grab it! It’s a hot-seller on our KissJane racks and I love it to pieces. Super easy to wear and the material is really fabulous.

The crazy Poh sisters whom we all love. Hahaha

We drove a little further up the mountains to another spot: Niagara Hotel at Lake Toba, where we spent some time frolicking like crazy sheep on the green mountain pastures and taking ten thousand jump shots!

LOVE this shot!

After the short time spent at Lake Toba, we had to return to Siantar to get ready to leave 🙁 Our last meal in Siantar: Babi Panggang (Roast pork)!

The first time I’ve ever tried Teh Botol! Only in Indonesia~~~ Our Indon hosts laughed at us when we asked what Teh Botol was, lol. It’s tea in a bottle and is really tasty!

Yummy Tehbotol!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen glass bottles of soda water! I’m guessing the younger ones have never even seen soda in glass bottles before!

Our feast for lunch!

The babi panggang was SOOOOOO good! So good that we dabao-ed a packet of it home each, thanks to Papa Ng! ^.^

The end of a good meal, and it was time to return home! 🙁

And just like that, three days in Medan/Siantar went by in the blink of an eye. Sighhh.. All too soon! The end of our short sojourn and the start of a fresh new chapter in our dear Vera’s life.

Abrupt end to the post here, because it’s nearly 3AM! It’s been almost six weeks since the trip, which is really hard to believe, it feels like it was just a couple weeks ago! 🙁 Time really passes too fast! Happily, I’m leaving on another short little trip next week teehee. This time round for a holiday to Hongkong with YZ and I’m sooooooo excited! :DDDD Can’t wait can’t wait! But first, I need to get my beauty sleep.

Good night and sleep tight, folks!



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