The Nail Artelier: Porcelain Turquoise X White Nails

For someone who usually doesn’t give two hoots about her nails, I am SO addicted to the insanely beautiful nails I’ve come to know and love, with thanks to The Nail Artelier!

Since my previous set of gelish nails were growing out already, I thought it was high time for a new set of nails!

You know how much I adored the previous set of rainbow seashell nails Jenrine did for me, so I was racking my brains to think of a fresh design for the nails that I would love as much, or even more! Looking for nail designs can be such an arduous task. 

Jenrine handed me a towering stack of Japanese nail magazines for inspiration, and I was stuck for a good twenty minutes, pondering over which nail design to pick. What made it even harder was that every single design looked so lovely, and I knew that whatever design I picked would certainly be executed impeccably by skilled Jenrine with utmost precision and artistic flair!

A stack of sample nail art that I flipped through for inspiration… What should I go for, something graphic? Cute? Elegant? Classy? Mod? Endless possibilities!

After much dithering back and forth amongst some shortlisted designs, I finally settled on a white and turquoise nail design that looked clean and fresh! Had a wedding to attend that week, so I thought the white and turquoise colors would look nice and classy for the occasion. We did make some slight modifications to the final design, with both Jenrine’s and my input!

It’s always a pleasant experience at The Nail Artelier, because I enjoy watching Jenrine work her magic on my nails very much! Jenrine’s very meticulous, and you can see that she takes huge pride in her craft. 

I had fun picking out colorful glitter pieces (Jenrine calls them disco balls lol) for my accent nails!

Decided to keep it simple with the pearl white and pale mint ones, they looked so charming together!

The end result.. I couldn’t be more pleased with it!! 

We modified the design to something more porcelain and floral looking, and it looked really good in this color combination! The disco ball accent nail gave the nail art an extra dimension whilst Jenrine also added simple and delicate silver embellishments on my ring finger. I thought that the nails turned out GORGEOUS! *hearts* 

You wouldn’t believe how intricate the hand-drawn porcelain details are, many of my friends mistook them for nail stickers, because they were so well-done! 

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Can’t rave enough about Jenrine’s exquisite work on my nails! And I’m being really diligent in growing out my nails longer now so that I can make them oval shaped next visit (oval shaped nails are in now!!) 😀

Also, Gelish is so awesomely convenient because it dries so quickly and is so sturdy! God-sent for clumsy and rough girls like me. My usual polish manicures usually get smudged and destroyed just minutes after exiting the nail salon! Now, my nails still look amazing after three weeks!

Thank you, Jenrine and The Nail Artelier, for the beautiful nails! xx


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Had fun with making an Instavideo again, I think it’s really intriguing to see the way the nail art was created! Love them nails!

You know where to go, to get your nails done! 🙂 Only the best at The Nail Artelier!


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