The Tiramisu Hero Cafe!

What transpired this weekend: The birth of a dream come true for Peggy and Aileen of The Tiramisu Hero fame.. Sir Antonio has finally found himself a permanent spot that’s here to stay!

I was there for The Tiramisu Hero Cafe’s grand opening, and I was just blown away with the entire space. It was done up with soooo much love and effort! Just the decor alone would be sufficient cause for a visit. I was so impressed and amazed!

The space isn’t cramped by any means, but is still cozy and fun. I love the pretty upside-down suspended stepladders decorated with fairy lights! Very whimsical and pretty.

You’d also definitely notice that Sir Antonio has marked his terrority well: The walls are full of ‘scribbles’ and ‘doodles’ of our masked hero Sir Antonio, in various actions, poses, and scenes. All of them were hand drawn by Peggy and Aileen too!

Your order number comes in little wooden cylindrical block shapes. Cute!

This was one of the star attractions of The Tiramisu Hero Cafe! A huge Sir Antonio head that I’m sure is going to be super popular as a camwhore spot for every customer seriously. It’s toooooo cute! And that’s Yutaki, who’s obviously too tall to fit under Sir Antonio’s head properly HAHAHA.

I was so wow-ed by this congratulatory flower arrangement done up in the shape of Sir Antonio’s head!!! Mad nice.

A mouse trap and embossed gold plate. Sir Antonio’s office LOL.

Even if you don’t have any urgent lavatory needs to attend to, you have to pop by the toilet, because it will probably be the prettiest toilet you’ve ever seen! No, seriously.

Look at all three hundred colorful balls of fluff that were painstakingly attached to the ceiling… one at a time!

Me to Aileen: Omg, the toilet is so pretty that it makes me feel like camwhoring inside!

Aileen: *laughs* Hmmmm… That’s probably the reason why everyone takes so long in the toilet.

I gotta say I have to agree with that statement.

Part of the quirky interior decor.

Everyone had shitloads of fun playing with this app that was created by Aileen and her brother: You can download it from the app store, it’s called “CHEEEESE“! Basically allows you to sign into a location to take either a photo or a short gif. So if anyone views the location in CHEEESE, you get to see a hilarious montage of funny videos and photos! TOO AWESOME! And it’s super super funny!

With hot babes Evonne, Lao Ban Niang Peggy and Shine!

Random snap of the toy soldiers on the coffee counter.

Instax taken with Evonne’s new Fuji Instax! The new Instax camera is so pretty D: Makes me want to get one too!

The kitchen was closed on the day of the grand opening, but I took a look through the menu and it’s really interesting, a fusion of asian meets western, with lots of influences from all over! Can’t wait to try!

And of course you can’t leave without getting one of these tiramisu babies for yourself.

Yay, got to bring home my own tiramisu too! Whoopeedoo!

I LOVE this video. Especially the part where the funniest Minpoh starts dancing and shaking her bootie for me! Hehe.

Pop by The Tiramisu Hero Cafe: They’re officially open!!!

❤ ❤ ❤

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

121 Tyrwhitt Road (Jalan Besar)

Opening hours: 11AM-10PM

The Tiramisu Hero Facebook Page

The Tiramisu Hero Website

❤ ❤ ❤

Congratulations, The Tiramisu Hero!!!

You’ve come so far and grown so well. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of effort that went into this, but I know that it’s been a lot of sleepless nights, hard work, sweat, blood and tears for the two owners who have put in such an insane amount of love into this space.

Couldn’t be happier for Peggy and Aileen, because being able to realise a lifelong dream like this is just incredible, and the feeling must be so exhilarating and surreal! And when you see the cafe for yourself, I promise you will be floored by just how amazing it is. Now, I can’t wait to try the menu! 🙂 Hehe.

Please lend Peggy and Aileen your support and pay The Tiramisu Hero Cafe a visit! I’m very sure you won’t be disappointed! :’) 

The Tiramisu Hero HUAT AH!!!


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